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2014-07 Investigating adopter categories and determinants affecting the adoption of mobile television in China 林翠絹; Lin, T. T. C.
2017 Investigating predictors of smartphone dependency symptoms and effects on academic performance, improper phone use and perceived sociability 林翠絹; Lin, T. T. C.
2011-02 Investment with network externality under uncertainty 許志堅; Lu, Chia-Chi; Hung, Weifeng; Sheu, Jyh-Jian; Shih, Pai-Ta
2005 Island on the Edge: Taiwan New Cinema and After 盧非易; Lu, Fei-I
2016 《I’MPERFECT》實驗性影音創作 薛慶琪
2007-09 Market Competition and Media Performance: Reexamining the Media Performance of the Cable Television Industry in Taiwan 劉幼琍; 陳清河; Lia, Shu-Chu Sarrina; Liu, Yu-Li; Chen, Chi-Ho
2012 Market competitiveness of mobile TV industry in China 林翠絹; Lin, T. T. C.
2009-07 The Meaning of Female Body in Taiwan, from a Sociohistoical Point of View 陳儒修
2000 Media education development in Taiwan--A case of joined efforts from academic NPO and government 吳翠珍
2016-01 Media Ownership and Concentration in Taiwan 劉幼琍; Liu, Yu-li; Chou, Yuntsai; Tseng, Kuo-feng; Chen, Ru-Shou Robert; Chen, Ping-Hung; Chiang, Jessie
2010 Media Platform Competition: The Displacement Effect of IPTV on Cable TV in Taiwan 劉幼琍; 許文宜; Liu, Yu-Li; Hsu, Wen-Yee
2018-05 The mediating effect of perceived trust on privacy concern and intention to use app-based location-based mobile advertising: Evidence from Taiwan 林翠絹; Lin, T, T. C.; Chiang, Y.
2006 MELL Project 東京宣言 吳翠珍
2017-07 Mining association rules between positive word-of-mouth on social network sites and consumer acceptance: A study for derivative product of animations, comics, and games Sheu, Jyh Jian; Chu, K.-T.; 許志堅
2018-05 Mobile Phones for Clinical Work Scale – Nurses (MPCWS-N): Development and psychometric evaluation 林翠絹; Lin, T, T. C.; Bautista, J.R.; Rosenthal, S. B.; Lin, T, T. C. (林翠絹); Theng, Y. L.
2010 The More Intimacy; the More Interaction on Social Networking Sites? Take Taiwan Facebook Users as an Example 許瓊文
2009-09 Motion Generation for Glove Puppet Show with Procedural Animation C.-C. Lin; 侯志欽; T.-Y. Li,
2019-09 Motivation and trust: How dual screening influences offline civic engagement among Taiwanese Internet users 林翠絹; Lin, Trisha T. C.
2012 Multi-skilling as a solution? Changing workflow and journalistic practise and the implications for international news 林翠絹; Lin, T. T. C.
2018 Multiscreen social TV system: A mixed method understanding of user attitude and adoption intention 林翠絹; Lin, Trisha T. C.
2010 My Bloody Valentine─身體感探索的另類實踐 雍志中; Yung, Chih Chung
2012 National competitive advantage and cultural proximity: Comparison study of digital content industries in China and Taiwan 林翠絹; Chiu, C. H.; Lin, T. T. C.
2017-06 NCC的行為管制:困境與建議 曾國峰
2004-09 A New Alternative in the Video Service Market: An Analysis of Chunghwa Telecom's Multimedia on Demand Service in Taiwan 劉幼琍
1999 New media, old children 吳翠珍

Showing items 126-150 of 1385. (56 Page(s) Totally)
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