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Title: 半純函數與其導數之值分佈
On The Value Distribution Of Meromorphic Functions With Their Derivatives
Authors: 歐姿君
Ou, Tze Chun
Contributors: 陳天進
Chen, Ten Ging
Ou, Tze Chun
Keywords: 值分佈理論
value distribution theory
meromorphic function
Date: 2007
Issue Date: 2009-09-17 13:48:01 (UTC+8)
Abstract: Haymen猜測:對任意的超越半純函數 f(z),f'(z)f(z)^n 取所有值無窮多次,其中至多只有一個例外值。這個著名的猜測,大部分的情形已被證明是正確的。另外,Hayman 證明 f'(z)-af(z)^n 取所有有限值無窮多次
,其中 a 為一複數且 n≧5 的正整數。在本篇論文裡,我們將探討以小函數為係數的半純函數微分多項式之值分佈問題。並將Hayman的結果推廣至 f^{k}(z)f(z)^n 與 f^{k}(z)-af(z)^n 的情形。同時,我們也證明一些
A famous conjecture of Hayman says that if f(z) is a transcendental meromorphic function, then f'(z)f(z)^n assumes all finite values except possibly zero infinitely often. The conjecture was solved in most cases. Another result of Hayman says that f'(z)-af(z)^n, where n≧5 and a is a complex number, assumes all finite values infinitely often. In this thesis, we will study the value distribution of some differential polynomial in a meromorphic function with small functions as coefficents. In fact, we will generalize Hayman's results to the cases f^(k)(z)f(z)^n and f^(k)(z)-af(z)^n. Also, the value distribution of meromorphic functions of class A with their derivatives are obtained.
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Data Type: thesis
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