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Title: 不同來源外資企業在中國生產效率之比較-以工業部門為例
Authors: 林昇誼
Contributors: 黃智聰
Keywords: 中國
Date: 2002
Issue Date: 2009-09-18 10:07:51 (UTC+8)
Abstract: 關 鍵 詞:中國、外資企業、技術效率、製造業
本文研究的目的,主要再一次確認台港澳企業與其他外資企業,在中國製造業的生產績效的差異。陳永生(2001)以文化的角度切入,指出華裔企業在1997年的投資績效要優於非華裔企業。該文更進一步指出,因華裔企業與中國的文化相近,致使其投資績效是進步的,而非華裔企業是退步的。但高長(1996)卻發現,美商、日商等其他外資企業的獲利性比港澳企業高,而台資企業的獲利性則較港澳資企業差,經營績效表現之有所差異,文化並不是影響華裔企業與非華裔企業經營績效的最主要因素。由於兩種立論各有其依據。因此,本文使用Battese and Coelli(1995)所提出的實証模型,以及利用1993、1994與1997年《中國統計年鑑》、《中國工業經濟統計年鑑》所提供的中國各地區的官方統計資料,估計隨機邊界生產函數(stochastic frontier production function)。
Title:A Comparison of Technical Efficiency of Production among
Different Sources of Foreign-Funded Enterprises—A Case of China’s Manufacturing Sector
School:Sun Yat-Sen Graduate Institute of Social Sciences and Humanities, National Chengchi University)
Advisor:Jr-Tsung Huang
Author:Sheng-Yi Lin
Keywords:China, foreign-funded enterprises, manufacturing sector, technical efficiency

This study aims to investigate the difference between the technical efficiency of Taiwan, Hong-Kong and Macao enterprises (THM, hereafter) and that of foreign enterprises from other countries (FOR, hereafter) in China’s manufacturing sector. This study utilizes the empirical methodology model proposed by Battese and Coelli (1995) and the industrial-based panel data from 1993~1994 and from 1997 provided by various years of China Statistical Year Book and China Industrial Economy Statistical Year Book to estimate the stochastic frontier production function. The primary finding of this study is that, after controlling other explanatory variables, there is no difference in technical efficiency between THM and FOR in 1993 and 1997.
However, the technical efficiency of FOR was better than that of THM in 1994. This result also implies that the cultural factor didn’t help the technical efficiency of THM to be better than that of FOR. This result is quite different with the conclusion of Cheng (2001).
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