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Title: 以知識為本的協同文件管理之研究—以政府電子檔案管理為例
Research and Development on Architecture for Knowledge-based Collaborative Record Management-—on Example of National Records and Archives
Authors: 賴盈汝
Lai, Ying-Ru
Contributors: 姜國輝
Chiang, Johannes
Lai, Ying-Ru
Keywords: 協同文件管理
Collaborative Record Management
Record Management
Collaborative Operation
Knowledge-based Grids
Persistent Archives
Date: 2004
Issue Date: 2009-09-18 14:34:47 (UTC+8)
Abstract: 電子化作業為我政府作業營運揭開新的序幕,身為政府知識基礎之檔案管理,其多項電子化作業亦已步上軌道。而隨著典藏量不斷擴充與資訊技術快速的更迭,檔案的長期可讀取性成為電子檔案管理的瓶頸。因此,現代化電子檔案管理主要願景,即為善用資訊技術,建立穩定且具可擴充性之基礎架構,發展合乎時代需求之運作模式(Business Model),以促進檔案長久保存,增進檔案處理效能,確保知識永續利用。
由國內外經驗發現,資訊平台間流程與資訊元件間之互通性即為架構互通性之關鍵點。因此本研究採用Zachman Framework為框架,分析資訊元件、流程與地點等檔案協同作業系統之關聯元件,以符合上述需求;於流程部分,本研究綜合美國與澳洲等電子檔案管理工作發展與知識管理之現行模型,提出「以知識為本之電子檔案管理作業流程螺旋」,以提升典藏文件之知識辨識、擷取與利用效率。
於架構部分,本研究則基於美國NARA提出之重要儲存技術架構-「以知識為本之網格(Knowledge-based GRIDs)(簡稱知識網格)」,綜合參考聯合國UN/CEFACT提出之「ebXML協同作業框架」,據以建立「以知識為本的協同文件管理技術框架與作業模型:KPC框架」,以期於分散式文件管理的基礎上,實現檔案管理系統間之作業互通性。後續並針對我政府電子檔案管理作業進行框架分析,以為系統建構之參考建議。
Based on its e-Government project, ROC government is stepping in a new stage of routine services. Record management that serves as the basis of government knowledge management, are transferring into digital manner to enhance the efficiency and the convenience of the related services. Regarding the explosive increase of record volume and emerging of information technology, the Long-Term Accessibility of preserved material become a crucial issue on e-record management. Aiming at keeping and managing files through long period, as well as to facilitating record with knowledge inside, a stable, scalable infrastructure and the underlying business model for manipulating information becomes the very important task for knowledge management within e-government field.
It is found interoperability between processes and between information is the key point of such interoperable information architecture. Therefore, this research applies Zachman Framework as an approach to investigate the required information, processes, and locations and further the IT architect for such a system as described above. Integrating existing models on Knowledge Management and related Record Management works done in USA (so-called Knowledge-based Grids by NARA) and Australia, this research carries out the "Knowledge-based Record Management Spiral" to enhance the recognition, acquirement, and utilization of archive knowledge.
Based on the aforementioned architect, this thesis combines the experiences from "Knowledge-based GRIDs" of SDSC and "ebXML Collaboration Framework" by UN/CEFACT, and then coins a blueprint for the "Knowledge-based Preservation and Collaboration Framework"(KPC Framework), The KPC Framework can be applied by archivists or archival designers to model the collaboration activities in digital archive domain. Last but not the least, this framework is employed to build a trial model for Taiwan’s governmental e-record management and a validation on the feasibility of this model is also done by means of informal test.
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