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2016 1895-1945年日本在台殖民時期台灣的身分認同變遷: 定義及爭辯 王力馬; Sterner, Torkeld
2013 1989年中國與捷克斯洛伐克抗議活動中 媒體角色之比較分析 梅斯勒; Miessler, Jan
2011 19世紀英國對台灣茶業的印象-從時人敘述觀察 戴妮莎; Denisa Hilbertova
2012 2008年二次政黨輪替後之兩岸空運直航:問題與前景 王靜惠; Wang, Ching Hui
2015 2014年港台社會運動之比較研究 詹亞風; Juarez, Adolfo Zambrana
2013-04 Addressing indigenous (ICT) approaches in South-East Asian learning systems Amato, Silvia
1997-06 Administrative Creativity in Local Government West, Jonathan P.; 柏門; Berman, Evan M.
2009 The American factor across the Taiwan strait 龔向華; Bruyas, Dimitri
2016-07 Analysis of contributing factors behind Pyongyang’s belligerent stance and threats of instability in North Korea Karalekas, Dean
2010-06-01 Asia-Pacific Social and Cultural Regional Integration: Connecting Peoples of Austronesian Language David Blundell
2009 An assessment of the strategic use of outer space among China, Russia, and the United States 農凱貞
2003 Audit Committees and Accountability in Local Government: A National Survey West, Jonathan P.; 柏門; Berman, Evan M.
2014 Balance of payments and power: Assessing China's global and regional interdependence relationship Chen, Ian Tsung-Yen
2016-10 Between documentation and sample: Creating a digital cultural heritage archive of gravesites, tombs and tombstones Streiter, Oliver; Morris, James X.
1996 Broad-Based Consensus Building Jr, William B. Werther
2012 Capacity to sustain sustainability: A study of U.S. cities Wang, X.H.; Hawkins, C.V.; Lebredo, N.; Berman, Evan Michael; 柏門
1999-09 Career Risk and Reward from Productivity 柏門; Berman, Evan M.; West, Jonathan P.
2010-09-27 Chin fifth generation leaders' promotion of intra-party democracy:a possible roadmap for China future democracy 孫紹正
2010-03-10 China's Calculus in the Asia-Pacific Region: A Political Strategy through Economic Integration Jose Guerra Vio; 戈荷西
2012-11 China's Continuous Dam-building on the Mekong River Biba, Sebastian
2010-03-09 China’s Dam-Building on the Mekong River: A Case of Issue Linkage Reversed Sebastian Biba
2010-03-09 China’s Defense White Papers and Shaping Its International Image Shao-Cheng Sun
2010-03-09 China’s Role in Asia Pacific and Latin American Integration: a Peripheral Realist Analysis Juan Uriburu Quintana; 吳華安
2011 Chinese foreign direct investment to Germany 白安本
2010-03-09 Common Patterns of Cultural Heritage in Asia-Pacific Igor Sitnikov

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