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2012 The Importance of Xinjiang and Central Asia in China’s 石克倫; Clarence Warner Sills
2015-01 India and China in the emerging dynamics of East Asia 那瑞維; Narayanan, Raviprasad
2015-01 India and China: Sifting the ‘generic’ from the ‘specific’ 那瑞維; Narayanan, Raviprasad
1996 Innovation in local government homelessness strategies 柏門; Berman, Evan M.
2015 The iranian nuclear dilemma: A Comparative analysis of Chinese and US strategy 姚仕帆; Yilmaz, Serafettin
2010 Job Satisfaction of Indonesian Workers in Taiwan 林莉雅; Setyaningsih, Rita Pawestri
2009-12 Job Satisfaction of Public Managers in Special Districts West, Jonathan P.; Berman, Evan M.
2012 Korean Economy and Chaebol’s Transformation : Samsung Global Strategies and the Future Prospect with Economic Democratization 吳藝鎮
2009 Labor trafficking in taiwan: supply driven or policy driven? 吳佩娟; Wu, Peichuan
1996-03 Local Government and Community-Based Strategies: Evidence from a National Survey of a Social Problem 柏門; Berman, Evan M.
1996 Managerial Responses to an Aging Municipal Workforce: A National Survey West, Jonathan P.; 柏門; Berman, Evan M.
2008 Managing Emotional Intelligence in U.S. Cities: A Study of Public Managers 柏門; Berman, Evan M.; West, Jonathan P.
2010-03-09 Many faces and one identity?ASEAN in the search for a common role to play: the case of human rights regime Huong Le Thu
2010-03-09 Microfinance: Providing Two Waves of Education Jennifer Butler
2017 Mobile teachers, teacher identity and international schooling Nguyen, Thuong; 阮親蘭
2012 Money Talks? – Impact of Chinese Tourists on Taiwanese Night Market Vendor’s Attitudes Toward China 法比安; Fabian Foeh
1995-02 Municipal Commitment to Total Quality Management: A Survey of Recent Progress 柏門; Berman, Evan M.; West, Jonathan P.
1994 Municipal Government Financial Reporting: Administrative and Ethical Climate Sanders, George; Sanders, G.; 柏門; J. West; 柏門; Berman, Evan M.; West, Jonathan P.
2006-06 Municipal Support of Social Entrepreneurship Korosec, Ronnie L.; 柏門; Berman, Evan M.
2009 N/A 司徒尚禮; Charles Andrew St.Sauver
2020-01 Old and Frail: Identifying Villages with Primary Care Shortages in an Aging Society 郭璨宇; Kuo, Tsan Yu
2012 Palau Befriends Taiwan: A Historical Analysis of the Longstanding Relationship between the Republic of Palau and the Republic of China 藍蒂
2012 A Parallel of Taiwanization and Democratization: from 1947 to Present Day 任凱蒂; Katherine Rose
2013-01 A path to a chile - Taiwan FTA: Balancing political risk and economic gains Hernandez, Fernando Schmidt
2009 The Perception of China Threat and Civil-Military Relations in Taiwan during Chen Shui-bian Era 布羅托; Broto, Wardoyo

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