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2008 An Explicit Factorization of Totally Positive Generalized Vandermonde Matrices Avoiding Schur Functions 李陽明; 李宣助; 陳永秋
2015 An extension of Fleck-type Möbius function and inversion Chou, Wun-Seng; 周文賢
2013-06 Facility location problems with fuzzy demands based on parametric assessment Lin, P.-C.; Watada, J.; Wu, Berlin; 吳柏林
2011-05 Factor map, diamond and density of pressure functions 班榮超; Ban, Jung-Chao; Chang, Chih-Hung
2002 The Factorization of Entire and Meromorphic Functions 洪焌維; Jiun-Wei Hung
2004 Fair Budget Allocation in Delay-Guaranteed Networks - An Approach for Deterministic Cases 陸行
2005 Fair Budget Allocation of Precomputation in All-IP Networks 陸行
2008-09 A Fair QoS Scheme for Bandwidth Allocation by Precomputation-based Approach 王嘉宏; Wang,Chia-hung; 陸行; Luh,Hsing
2009 A Fast Branch and Bound Based Algorithm for Bandwidth Allocation and QoS Routing on Class-based IP Networks 陸行
2006-07 Fault Repair Time Distribution in Network Reliability 陸行
2017-05 Feature Portfolio Construction with Deep Learning 蔡炎龍; Tsai, Yen-lung; 林澤佑; Lin, Tse-yu
2004 Ferguson-Dirichlet 過程的隨機函數及其貝氏應用 姜志銘
2008 Ferguson-Dirichlet過程在N維空間上的隨機函數分配 姜志銘
1998 Filtered-variate prior distributions for histogram smoothing. Dickey, James M.; 姜志銘; Jiang, Thomas J.
1998-06 Filtered-variate prior distributions for histograms smoothing Jiang, Thomas J.; 姜志銘; Dickey, James M.
2006-06 Forecasting Technique with DNA Computing 吳柏林
1995-07 Forecasting Trending Tiem Series: A Comparative Analysis of Nonlinear Models 吳正義; 吳柏林
2007-12 Formulation of Network Dimensioning Problems under Budget Constraints 陸行
2010-06 Fuzzy Estimation Methods and their application in the real estate 吳柏林; Wu, Berlin; Xie, ia-Chun; Sriboonchita, Songsak
2012-06 Fuzzy Evaluating Goal Oriented and Marketing Strategy in Community Colleges Wu, Berlin; 吳柏林; Chang, Dian-Fu; Lee, YuLan
2012-10 Fuzzy evaluating management performance and marketing strategies in community colleges Wu, Berlin; 吳柏林; Chang, D.-F; Lee, Y.-L
2015-04 Fuzzy Evaluation and Decision Making for Indigenous Physical Curriculum 吳柏林; Wu, Berlin; Cheng, Yu-Ting; Tienliu, Tsungkuo
2012-03 A Fuzzy Evaluation Model for Monitoring the English Human Capital 吳柏林; Wu,Berlin
1999-12 A Fuzzy Identification Procedure for Nonlinear Time Series:with example on ARCH and Bilinear models 吳柏林
2009-05 Fuzzy item response model: a new approach to generate membership function to score psychological measurement Wu, Berlin; 吳柏林; Yu, Sen-chi

Showing items 226-250 of 1365. (55 Page(s) Totally)
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