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2011-11 Kronecker product-forms of steady-state probabilities with Ck/Cm/1 by matrix polynomial approaches Luh, Hsing Paul; 陸行; Liu, Hsin Yi
1990 LANDER表中之缺項 姚焱堯
2021-09 Large deviation principle of multidimensional multiple averages on Nd 班榮超; Ban, Jung-Chao; Hu, Wen-Guei; Lai, Guan-Yu
2013-07 The layer effect on multi-layer cellular neural networks 班榮超; Ban, Jung-Chao; Chang, Chih-Hung
2017-11 Linear Regression to Minimize the Total Error of the Numerical Differentiation 曾正男; Tzeng, Jengnan
1991 Logistic模型中具有影響力變數的診斷 江秀桂
1996-03 Long Range Planning in the Process Industries :A Projection Approach 劉明郎; Sahinidis, Nikolaos V.
1993 Long Range Planning in the Process Industries by Variable Disaggregation, Polyhedral Projection and Cutting Planes, 劉明郎; N. V. Sahinidis
2021-05 LSTM-Based Approaches for the Performance Prediction in MLB 蔡炎龍; Tsai, Yen-lung
1996 The maclaurin series for the moments of performance measures in a GI/G/1 queue 曾凱弘
2020-04 Maintenance of multi-domain neurocognitive functions in patients with newly-diagnosed primary CNS lymphoma after primary cranial radiotherapy combined with methotrexate-based chemotherapy: A preliminary case-series study 楊啟正; Yang, C. C.; Lin, S. Y.; Chuang, C. C.; Tsan, D. L.; Hung, Y. S.; Fu, C. J.; Shen, Y. L.; Chiang, Y. Y.; Huang, Y. C.; Lu, Y. J.
2008-07 Maintenance Strategies for File Delivery on Intranet 陸行
2015-03 Markov limit of line of decent types in a multitype supercritical branching process 洪芷漪; Hong, Jyy-I; Athreya, Krishna B.
2021-09 Mathematical analysis of spread models: From the viewpoints of deterministic and random cases 班榮超; Ban, Jung-Chao ; Chang, Chih-Hung; Hong, Jyy-I; Wu, Yu-Liang; 洪芷漪
2013-07 A Mathematical Model of Enterprise Competitive Ability and Performance through Emden-Fowler Equation (II) Li Meng-Rong; Chang Yue-Loong; Li Yu-Tso; 張裕隆
2011-02 Mathematical models of QoS management for communication networks Wang, Chia-Hung; Luh, Hsing Paul; 王嘉宏; 陸行
2008 Mathematical models of QoS management for communication networks Wang, Chia-Hung; 陸行; Luh, Hsing
2019-09 Matrix Analytic Solutions for M/M/S Retrial Queues with Impatient Customers 陸行; Luh, Hsing; Song, Pei-Chun
1995 Matrix constructions of family(A) group divisible designs. Cheng, Szu En
2010-09 Matrix Geometric Analysis of Departure Processes of Queues with Applications to a Pull Serial Line 陸行; Luh,Hsing
1999-12 Matrix Product-Form Solutions of Stationary Probabilities in Tandem Queues 陸行
2004 Maximum Gap of Mixed Hypergraghs 張宜武; 郭威廷
2005 Maximum Gap of Mixed Hypergraph 郭威廷; Kuo, Wei-Ting
1996-01 Measure hyperbolicity and convexity 陳天進; Chen, Ten Ging; Lin, C. G.
2018-05 Measure of the full Hausdorff dimension for sofic affine-invariant sets on T^2 班榮超; Ban, Jung-Chao; Chang, Chih-Hung; Chen, Ting-Ju

Showing items 326-350 of 1386. (56 Page(s) Totally)
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