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2011-03 Asymptotic Behavior for a Version of Directed Percolation on the Square Lattice 陳隆奇; Chen, Lung-Chi
2014-05 Asymptotic Behavior for a Version of Directed Percolation on the Triangular Lattice 陳隆奇; Chen, Lung-Chi; Chang, Shu-Chiuan
2013-12 Asymptotic behavior of positive solutions of the nonlinear differential equation t²u''= u{^n},1 < n 李明融; LI, MENG-RONG; YAO, HSIN-YU
2011-05 Asymptotic behavior of the gyration radius for long-range self- avoiding walk and long-range oriented percolation 陳隆奇; Chen, Lung-Chi; Akira Sakai
2013-07 Asymptotic enumeration of independent sets on the Sierpinski gasket 張書銓; 晏衛根; Chang, Shu-Chiuan; 陳隆奇; Chen, Lung-Chi; 晏衛根; Yan, Weigen
2012-01 An Asymptotic Solution for the Free Boundary Parabolic Equations 劉明郎; Liu, Ming Long; Liu, Hsuan-Ku
2011-07 Audio random number generator and its application Chen, I.-T.; Tsai, J.-M.; Tzeng, Jeng-Nan; 曾正男
2009-05 Automated manufacturing system: virtual-nets or non-virtual-nets? 趙玉; Chao, D.Y.
1998 An Auxiliary Algorithm for Linear Programming Problems 陸行
2004-12 影響台灣SARS疫情擴散之因素分析-以類神經網路及迴歸為預測模式 陸行; Luh,Hsing; Chin,Li-Jen; 金立人
2007 Bandwidth Allocation and QoS Routing for Heterogeneous Networks 王嘉宏; Wang,Chia-hung; 陸行; Luh,Hsing
1996 Bar visibility number of graphs 張宜武
2008 Bayesian methods for categorical data under informative censoring. 姜志銘; Jiang, Thomas J.; Dickey, James M.
1987 Bayesian methods for censored categorical data Dickey J.; Kadane J.; 姜志銘
2006-01 Bayesian Optimization of Second-phase Sub-sample Sizes of a Fish Population C.T.Cheng; 宋傳欽; J.H.Jinn
2004-03 BBQ:All-IP網路上以預算為基礎之品質管理架構 蔡子傑; 連耀南; 張宏慶; 陸行
2020 BERT 應用於數據型資料預測之研究:以美國職棒大聯盟全壘打數預測為例 孫瑄正; Sun, Hsuan-Cheng
2000 A Bijective Proof from Binary trees to Nonnegative sequences 邱明哲; Chiu, Min-Che
1990 A Bijective Proof of Complete Binary Trees 施耀振
1991-09 BiLinear Time Series Models and Its Applications 吳柏林
2007-08 Blocking Probabilities of QoS Routing in IP Networks with Multiple Classes 陸行
1999 Blow up Solution of Nonlinear Wave Equations of Fourth Order 蔡炎龍
2003 Blow-up behavior for a semilinear heat equation with a nonlinear boundary condition 符聖珍; Fu,Sheng-Chen; Guo,Jong-Shenq; Tsai,Je-Chiang
2002-12 Blow-up for a semilinear reaction-diffusion system coupled in both equations and boundary conditions 符聖珍; Fu,Sheng-Chen; Guo,Jong-Shenq
2010-10 Blow-up of positive-initial-energy solutions for an integro-differential equation with nonlinear damping Wu, S.-T.; 蔡隆義; Tsai, Long Yi

Showing items 51-75 of 1386. (56 Page(s) Totally)
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