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2011-08 PARABOLA METHOD IN ORDINARY DIFFERENTIAL EQUATION 李明融; Li,Meng-Rong; 謝宗翰; Shieh,Tzong-Hann; 余清祥; Yue,C. Jack; 李玢; Lee,Pin; 李育佐; Li,Yu-Tso
2010-09 Pathophysiological significance of gallbladder volume changes in gallstone diseases Huang, S.-M.; Huang, Shueh Ding; Lai, T.-J.; Yu, J.-K.; Hsiao, K.-M.; Pan, H.; Yao, C.-C.
2019-05 Pattern generation problems arising in multiplicative integer systems 班榮超; Ban, Jung-Chao; Hu, Wen-Guei; Lin, Song-Sun
1994-04 Pattern Recognition and Classification in Time Series Analysis 吳柏林
2007-09 Patterns generation and spatial entropy in two-dimensional lattice models 班榮超; Ban, Jung-Chao; Lin, Song-Sun; Lin, Yin-Heng
2005-08 Patterns generation and transition matrices in multi-dimensional lattice models 班榮超; Ban, Jung-Chao; Lin, Song-Sun
2002-11 Performance Analysis of a Parallel Dantzig-Wolfe Decomposition Algorithm for Linear Programming Luh,Hsing; 陸行; Lee,Ming-Chang; Lyu,Jung Jr
2009 Periodic solutions for dynamic equations on time scales Tsai, Long-Yi; 蔡隆義; Wu, S.-T.
1979-12 Periodic Solutions of Nonlinear Elliptic Equations 蔡隆義
1977-02 Periodic Solutions of Nonlinear Parabolic Differential Equations 蔡隆義
1978-06 Periodic Solutions of Parabolic Equations with Functional Arguments 蔡隆義
2002 Periodic Solutions of the Second Order Integro-Differential Equations of Hyperbolic Type 蔡隆義
1998-01 Petri nets for Performance modelling study of client-server systems 陸行; LUH,HSING; DING,JYH-HONG; LYU,JRJUNG
2005 PH/PH/1 Queueing Models in Mathematica for Performance Evaluation 陸行; Hsing Luh; Zheng-Zhong Xu
1995 Planning of Chemical Process Networks via Global Concave Minimization Liu, Ming-Long; Shectman J. P.; N. V. Sahinidis; 劉明郎
2012-08 Portfolio Selection Model with Interval Values Based on Probability Distribution Functions 吳柏林; Wu,Berlin
2008-03 Positive solutions of nonlinear elliptic equations Wang, S.P.; 王勝平; Yeh, C.C.; Wong, F.H.
2006-12 A Precomputation-Based Scheme for QoS Routing and Fair Bandwidth Allocation 王嘉宏; 陸行
2012 Prescription profile of Chinese herbal products containing coumestrol, genestein, and/or daidzein among female users: an analysis of national health insurance data in Taiwan between 1997 and 2007 曾正男; Tzeng,Jeng-Nan; Wang,Jung-Der; Tsan,Shun-Hua; Lai,Jung-Nien; Wu,Chien-Tung
2009 Pricing and hedging American options in incomplete markets Liu, Ming Long; 劉明郎
2012-12 Pricing the American Options from the Viewpoints of Traders 劉明郎; Liu, Ming Long; Liu, Hsuan Ku
2009-09 Proactive peer-to-peer traffic control when delivering large amounts of content within a large-scale organization 陸行; Luh, Hsing
2000-07 Probability distribution in product-form of tandem queues 陸行
1997-07 Process Planning in a Fuzzy Environment 劉明郎; Sahinidis, Nikolaos V.
2000-04 Product-Form Solutions in A Multi-Server Queueing System 陸行

Showing items 526-550 of 1386. (56 Page(s) Totally)
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