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2007-03 Reliability Measure in Content-Distribution Systems 陸行; Luh,Hsing; 王嘉宏; Wang,Chia-Hung; 梁直青; Liang,Chih-Chin; 許秉瑜; Hsu,Ping-Yu
2008-10 A Remark on Meromorphic Functions Sharing Four Values 陳天進; Chen, Ten-Ging; 陳耿彥; Chen, Keng-Yan; 歐姿君; Ou, Tze-Chun; 蔡炎龍; Tsai, Yen-Lung
1984-04 A remark on Scholz's abelian crossings 陳永秋; Tan, Eng Tjioe
1988-12 Remarks on free Bieberbach groups 陳永秋; Tan, Eng Tjioe
1998-05 Remarks on the Calligraphy Equations 李明融
1988-09 Remarks on transformation formulas for p-symbols 朱樺; 陳永秋
1990 Remarques sur les formules de transformation pour $p$-symboles. Chu, Huah; 陳永秋; Tan, Eng Tjioe
2012-10 Research on fuzzy dynamic evaluation approach for ERP benefitsapplication in China Wu, Berlin; 吳柏林; Jin, W.; Sun, B.
2001 Revisiting the limiting distribution of linear combinations of Dirichlet random coordinates 姜志銘; Kuo, Kun-Lin
2006-10 A Robust Web-Based Approach for Broadcasting Downward Messages in a Large-Scaled Company 梁直青; Liang,Chih-Chin; 王嘉宏; Wang,Chia-Hung; 陸行; Luh,Hsing; 許秉瑜; Hsu,Ping-Yu
1989 S-P表在高級中學數學科教學上之應用研究 呂秋文
2004-12 The Second Order Differential Equation with Nonlinear Damping u"(t)=u'(t)q(c[feb5]+c[feaf]u(t)?) 李明融; 林脩竹
2006 Set-valued data Wu, Berlin; 吳柏林; Nguyen, H.T.
2000 Shadows of Fuzzy Sets-A natural Way to Describe 2-D and Mulyi-D Fuzzy Uncertainty in Linguistic Terms 吳柏林
2008 Sheldon Ross's scholarly trip to Taiwan in 2007. Chang, Kuang-Chao; Koh, Show-Long Patrick; Luh, Hsing; Wan, Yat-Wah; Chen, Chie-Bein; Kao, Lie-Jane; 陸行; Luh, Hsing
2000-06 A Simplified Stopping Rule for Identify the Forecast Horizon of A Nonhomogeneous Markov Decision Processes 陸行
2002 A Simplified Stopping Rule for Identifying the Forecast Horizon of A Nonhomogeneous MDP. 陸行; Chen-Chang Liou; Hsing Paul Luh
2016 SIS模型之旅行波解 符聖珍
2011 Soft computing techniques and its application in the intelligent capital compensation Wu, Berlin; 吳柏林; Yao, K.; Hsiao, K.C.
2011 Soft Computing Techniques and Its Application in the Intelligent Capital Compensation Hsiao, Kuo Chang; Wu, Berlin; Yao, Kai
2016-03 Solution Structure of Multi-layer Neural Networks with Initial Condition 班榮超; Ban, Jung-Chao; Chang, Chih-Hung
2002-07 Solving A Closed Queueing Network--A New Approach 陸行
2009-10 Solving a two variables free boundary problem arising in a perpetual american exchange option pricing model Liu, Ming-Long; 劉明郎; Liu, H.-K
2007-05 Solving Ck/Cm/1/N queues by using characteristic roots in matrix analytic methods 陸行; Luh,Hsing; Wang,Hsin-Yi
2021-07 Solving high-dimensional nonlinear equations with infinite solutions by the SVM visualization method 曾正男; Jeng-Nan Tzeng; Yu-Yuan Lin

Showing items 576-600 of 1386. (56 Page(s) Totally)
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