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2008-07 Naturalistic Chi(Qi)-Based Philosophy as a Foundation of Chi(Qi) Theory of Communication 劉又銘; Liu, Yu-Ming
2016-12 New Citizen : The Formation and Evolution of the Concept of Citizenship in Modern China 鄭文惠; CHENG, Wen-Huei; CHIU, Wei-Yun
2018-06 A New Exploration of Theory about Qin People’s Origin in the East China -From the Perspective of "People of Shangyan" in "Xi-Nian" of Qing-Hua-Jian 古育安; Ku, Yu-An
2017-12 Nostalgic Memory and Writing in our City:The New Trend of Macao Literature Development Since the Handover 張堂錡; ZHANG, Tang-qi
2017-06 On Lin Li's Gua-Xiang Theory of Using Xiang Through Bagua in Zhouyi Jingzhuan Jijie 陳睿宏; Chen, Rui-Hong
2004-05 On the Meaning of &quot;Changes&quot; in Wang Pi's &quot;Commentary to the Book of Changes&quot; 蔡妙真
2008-09 On the Novelty of the Ming Dynasty Concept That &quot;High Tang Poetry is the Poetry to Learn&quot; Chen, Ying-Chieh; 陳英傑
2018-01 A Parapet on the Ocean: The Transforming Concepts from Morality to Emotion of the Wang Cui-qiao Texts in Ming and Qing Dynasty 曾世豪
2018-06 Pre-history of "Shenyun Theory": Lu Shiyong's Criticism of Du Fu and Great Tang Dynasty Poetry in His Shijing 陳英傑; Chen, Ying-chieh
2017-06 Preface: Commentaries on the Classics and Variations in Interpretation 林啟屏
2009-06 The Presentation of Ideas in The Yiao Battle in Zuo-Zhuan 蔡妙真
2016-05 “A Quantitative Study of Chinese Writing Style based on the New Youth Magazine” 鄭文惠; Cheng, Wen-huei; 余青祥; Yu, Ching-hsiang; 何立行; He, Li-hsing
1993-04 &quot;詩經&quot;語言的音韻風格 竺家寧
2017-01 A Reinterpretation of the Significance of the Prefaces to Jin ciyuan by Chen Weisong and Others 侯雅文; Hou, Ya-wen
2012-12 The Research of Evaluating Wang Su and His Claim in &quot;History of Classical Scholarship&quot; 謝獻誼
2014-06 A Research Review of the Qi-genre Literature in the Han, Wei and Six Dynasties 陳成文; Chen, Cheng-Wen
2018-06 Rethinking the Compilation and Selection of “Ming Seng Chuan Chao” and the Significance of Transcription 謝獻誼; Hshieh, Hsien-Yi
2017-11 The Shadow of the Familiar Sailships and the Metaphor of Healing the Country: Wokou and Europeans in Hua Yue Hen 曾世豪; Tseng, Shih-Hao
2014 Shanghai’s Dancing World, Cabaret and Urban Politics, 1919-1954 書評 陳碩文
2016-12 Shi-fan Music: Names, Evolution, and Clarification of Concepts 吳佩熏; Wu, Pei-Hsun
2005-09 Snakes' Legs: Sequels, Continuations, Rewritings, and Chinese Fiction 高桂惠
2018-10 Sous les douze signes du zodiaque 陳碩文; Chen, Shuo-win; Duchâtel, Mathieu
2017 Struggle for the right to cover up for family members: The significance and value of the confucian thought “Cover up for family members” in modern society [Prizadevanje za prikrivanje za družinske člane: Pomen in vrednotenje konfucijske ideje o ≫prikrivanju za družinske člane≪ v moderni družbi] Tseng, Weichieh; 曾暐傑
2002-08 The Studies of Traditional Jokes and Humor in the 20th Century China 黃慶聲
2001-06 The Study of Jokes on the Four Books in Early Modern China 黃慶聲

Showing items 51-75 of 4540. (182 Page(s) Totally)
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