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Title: å°ç£åŠå°Žé«”產業金融網絡的變遷---制度與網絡的機制
Other Titles: The Change of Financial Networks in Taiwan Semiconductor Industry--- The Mechanisms of Institutions and Networks
Authors: ç†Šç‘žæ¢…
Contributors: è¡Œæ”¿é™¢åœ‹å®¶ç§‘學委員會
Keywords: ç¤¾æœƒå­¸
Date: 2010
Issue Date: 2011-11-15 11:25:35 (UTC+8)
Abstract: éš¨è‘—政府放寬台灣半導體產業赴大陸投資的審核,可預期台灣半導體產業的全球金融佈局網絡將會有重大變遷。從1990年代台灣半導體公司陸續上市以來,台灣的半導體廠商經歷了幾次金融與產業的不景氣。半導體廠商使用董監事股權重組、全球化地轉投資和購併等金融行動來因應環境的巨大變化。本研究企圖使用經濟社會學的制度與網絡機制來解釋台灣半導體公司在長期金融網絡變遷上的模式與影響機制。有關制度機制,本研究擬整理重要影響產業金融行動的法規變動和半導體產業場域企業領導者如何論述因應環境的管理策略觀念。最後,本研究企圖在三年的計畫中蒐集建立台灣半導體產業公司公開上市、轉投資和購併等金融網絡變遷資料;同時,要將這些資料逐年整理整體網絡、二者關係和組織層次的資料。在網絡資料分析上要建立結構象徵、結構洞和小世界指標。並更進一步進行多層次統計分析來解釋公司間的金融合作聯繫。
Since 1990, semiconductor companies have been issued by initial public offerings (IPOs), and have experienced financial and industrial depressions. These semiconductor companies took financial actions of restructuring their directors of board, re-investing, merging and acquiring other companies globally. This research attempts to use institutional and network mechanisms of economic sociology to explain the changes of financial networks in Taiwan semiconductor companies. On the institutional mechanism, this study plans to collect those regulations which affected the industrial fields and those discourses of managerial concept of control by company leaders in semiconductor industry. Finally, this study attempts to collect the IPOs, re-investments, and merger and acquisitions over times in this three year project. In the meantime, this study will build up the complete network, dyadic ties and individual organization data files yearly. For complete networks, this study will compute the measures of status signals, structural holes, and small world Q index. Finally, the multi-level models to explain the financial collaboration ties will be explored
Relation: åŸºç¤Žç ”究
研究期間:9908~ 10007
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