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Title: 高齡社會的來臨:為2025年的台灣社會規劃之整合研究-台灣老人社會整合之研究-以社區生活參與為例 (II)
Other Titles: Social Integration of the Elderly in Taiwan---A Case Study of Social Participation in Community Life
Authors: 呂寶靜
Contributors: 行政院國家科學委員會
Keywords: 社會整合;社會參與;鄰居關係網絡;社區行動;介入方案
social integration;social participation;neighboring;community action;interventionprograms
Date: 2009
Issue Date: 2012-03-20 14:18:17 (UTC+8)
Abstract: 在高齡社會裡,活力老化、成功老化之體現是以社會參與為基礎,老人透過社會參與,建立社會連結關係以整合社會,增進身心健康及福祉。老人退休後主要的社會整合之途徑有二:注重家庭連結及注重社區參與。本研究試圖剖析老人社會整合之過程、影響及介入方案。有關「社會參與」的研究主題裡,本研究用「社區生活參與」之概念,涵括在社區(或鄰里)內,參與由地方性社團或鄰里組織所舉辦之各類活動以及有意義的多元角色之扮演,所形成的新關係或維持舊的社會關係,可呈現較完整的社會整合之形貌。又在「社會關係和社會支持」的研究範疇,本研究對鄰居關係的支持功能之分析,有助於吾人對老人社會支持體系的全盤瞭解。至於實務之參考價值方面,介入方案之結果可供老人社會工作者及政策制定者參考。本研究之研究期程預定三年,第一年之研究重點為重大生命事件對老人社會整合之影響,以台南縣西港鄉及台北縣板橋市兩個社區的老人為對象,預計訪談30~40 位老人;另為瞭解社區關懷據點之情形,預定舉辦四場焦點團體,邀請關懷據點主任或地方領袖參與。第二年之重點為老人鄰里組織參與和鄰居行動的情形,分析影響鄰里組織和鄰居行動的因素,進而探究鄰里組織參與和鄰居行動與身心健康、福祉的關係,預定採用(面訪)問卷調查法,訪問400 位老人。第三年則是設計、執行老人社交技巧訓練方案,並進行成效評估。
In ageing society, the attainment of the goal of active ageing or successful ageing is based on social participation of the elderly, since social participation may create social relationship networks which will provide social support, and hence improve their health and wellbeing. There are two major ways to integrate the elderly into the society after retirement, one way is to enhance family tie, and the other way is to increase social participation in the community life. The aim of this study is to analyze processes, consequences and interventions of social integration of the elderly in Taiwan. . Firstly, the study focuses on the way the elderly participate into local or neighborhood organizations and how they consequently build up or maintain social relationship, and also to explore the impact of life events on social integration in old age. Secondly, the relationship of social participation in community life with life satisfaction and subjective well-being will be explored. Thirdly, intervention programs to improve social integration of the elderly are designed, implemented and evaluated. This is a three-year research plan. In the first year, we use in-depth interview and focus group to collect date. In the second year, a survey of 400 older people will be conducted. In the third year, training programs for advancing social skills of the elderly will be developed, implemented and finally evaluated.
Relation: 應用研究
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