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Title: K 穩定性與熱帶幾何之研究
On K Stability and Tropical Geometry
Authors: 李威德
Li, Wei De
Contributors: 蔡炎龍
Tsai, Yen Lung
Li, Wei De
Keywords: K穩定性
K stability
tropical geometry
Fano hypersurface
Date: 2011
Issue Date: 2012-10-30 16:27:29 (UTC+8)
Abstract: 在這篇論文中,我們從K energy的角度探討緊緻法諾超平面上的K穩定性。首先,我們給K energy一個較明確的型式,接著再透過分析的手法求解其導函數。後續,我們引進熱帶幾何的結構來重新分析主要的結果,最後給一些法諾超平面的實例,驗證我們所得到的公式。
In this thesis, we analyze K stability on compact Fano hypersurfaces from K energy. We first represent the K energy into an explicitly formula. Then we compute the derivative by using some analytic techniques. Furthermore, we introduce some structures of tropical geometry to analyze the main result. Finally, we give some examples of compact Fano hypersurface to test and verify the formula we get.
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