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2019-11 To understand Heidegger via Ricoeur 汪文聖; Wang, Wen-Sheng
2015-11 A Topology of the Self: Text and Author in Paul Ricoeur 黃冠閔; HUANG, Kuan-Min
2012-08 Toward a Phenomenological Reading of Landscape: Bachelard, Merleau-Ponty, and Zong Bing 黃冠閔; Huang, Kuan-min
2016-03 TPP and the Strategy of Japan's Content Industry: The Controversy between Free Trade and Cultural Conservation 李世暉; LI, SHIH-HUI
2019-07 Transcendental Idealism in Transcendental Argument 謝昭銳; Tse, Plato
2002-12 Triangulation: World Society and Meaning Normativity 林從一
2009-11 Truth and conciousness in the polemics of the Yogacara-Tathagatagarbha controversy: A comparative approach 林鎮國; Lin, Chen-Kuo
2010-06 Truth and Method in the Saṃdhinirmocana SÅ«tra 林鎮國; Lin, Chen-Kuo
2006-06 Truth and Method in the Samdhinirmocana Sutra 林鎮國
2012-07 Two Stages of “Reality”—On the debate between Garfield and Gold about the Trisvabhāvanirdeśa 耿晴; Keng, Ching
2004-10 “Über eine mögliche Verstaatlichung des Absoluten – Einige Gedanken zu Hegels Begriff des Staates zwischen Naturrechtsaufsatz und Phänomenologie des Geistes“ 馬愷之; Marchal, Kai
2018-05 Überall zu Hause sein. Philosophie und Multikulturalismus 馬愷之
2017-01 Un autre souci de soi. Le sens de la subjectivité dans la philosophie chinoise antique 黃冠閔
2014 The Uncompromising Quest for Genuine Buddhism: Lü Cheng’s Critique of Original Enlightenment 林鎮國; Lin, Chen-kuo
2020-03 Understanding of Man in Western and Eastern Cultural Traditions 蔡偉鼎; Tsai, Wei-Ding; Liu, Yu-Chao; Chistyakova, Olga
2019-01 The Universal Ethics and Religion in Practical Life: A Reflection on Husserl’s Manuscripts from 1930s 汪文聖; WANG, Wen-Sheng
2019-01 The Universal Ethics and Religion in Practical Life: Under Husserl's Consideration of the Borderline Problem (Grenzproblem) 汪文聖; Wang, Wen-Sheng
2014-08 Vereinnahmung des Anderen – Der Sinologe und Philosoph François Jullien 馬愷之; Marchal, Kai
2013-01 The Virtues of Justice in Zhu Xi 馬愷之; Marchal, Kai
2013-08 The Virtues, Moral Inwardness, and the Challenge of Modernity 馬愷之; Marchal, Kai
2009-12 Visiting the Beyond: Imagination and Body Experience 黃冠閔; Huang, Kung-Min
2010-04 Vitality: Imagination and the place of nature Huang, Kuanmin; 黃冠閔
2010 Vitality: nature and life of imagination in Bachelard 黃冠閔; Kuan-Min Huang
2010-01 Von_Satzformen_der_ontologischen_Thesen_bei_Parmenides, Plato, Aristotle and Hegel 彭文林
1995-06 Was Haben Konfuzianismus und Heidegger dem Heutigen Systemdenken zu Sagen? 項退結

Showing items 226-250 of 1834. (74 Page(s) Totally)
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