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2017-06 Forced Belonging: The Indictment of Colonization in Australia in the Poetry of Romaine Moreton and Alf Taylor Čerče, Danica
1998-02 Foreign Direct Investment and China's Economic Development Tso, Allen Y.
1997-07 Foreign Direct Investment and Industrial Restructuring in Xiamen Luo, Oi
2002-06 Foreign Military Relations: Taiwan and China Look Abroad Allen, Kenneth W.
1972-05 Foreign news in two communist Chinese dailies - a comparative content analysis 潘家慶
2005-12 Forging a World Production Powerhouse in Coastal China: The Domestic Institutional Foundation of Foreign Investment Growth since the Mid-1990s 陶儀芬; 陳明祺; Tao, Yi-Feng; Chen, Ming-Chi
2015-06 Forgotten Contributors: On the Japanese Adaptors Behind Taiwan's Dongfang Publisher 賴慈芸; Lai, Tzu-Yun
2012-06 A Forgotten New Term: Bolixitiende in Late Qing China 潘光哲; Pan, Kwang-Che
2012-12 Fortress in the Air: The Organization Model of Taiwanese Export-Manufacturing Transplants in China 陳明祺; Chen, Ming-Chi
2020-03 Forty Years of Reform and Opening: From the "Economic Miracle" to the Middle-Income Trap HARDING, HARRY
2001-03 Forty Years of the Sino-North Korean Alliance: Beijing's Declining Credibility and Pyongyang's Bandwagoning with Washington Kim, Yong-Ho
2012-06 The Four Hundred Millions Discourse/Imagination of the Nation in Modern China 楊瑞松; Yang, Jui-Sung
2005-09 Free Trade Agreements and the Environment: Some Implications to Taiwan 施文真; Shih, Wen-Chen
2008-12 Free Trade Agreements: New Zealand's Experience in the Asia-Pacific Region 安德森; Anderson, Gordon
2000-05 Freedom, Rights, and Authority in Chen Duxiu's Thinking Huang, Chang-Ling; 黃長玲
1987-09 From &quot;Anti-Bourgeois Liberalization&quot; to &quot;Anti-Leftism&quot; Li, Ying-ming
1997-10 From &quot;Multi-System Nations&quot; to &quot;Linkage Communities&quot;: A New Conceptual Scheme for the Integration of Divided Nations Wei, Yung
2012-06 From Academic to Politic: The Appropriation of the Concept of Consciousness (1890-1940) 韓承樺; Han, Cheng-Hua
2012-03 From CAATTs Adoption to Continuous Auditing Systems Implementation: An Analysis Based on Organizational Routines Theories Sun, Chia-Ming
2014-12 From Classical Chinese to Modern Chinese: A Study of Function Words from Xin Qing Nian 何立行; Ho, Li-Hsing; 余清祥; Yue, Ching-Syang; 鄭文惠; Cheng, Wen-Huei
2011-12 From Confucianism in East Asia to East Asian Confucianism: Some Reflections on Projects in the Field of East Asian Confucian Studies 甘懷真; Kan, Huai-Chen
2017-10 From EAP to ESP: A Teacher’s Identity Development 曾明怡; Tseng, Ming-i Lydia
2010-06 From Elias to Bryson-關於禮儀行為的討論 許奕辰
2007-09 From Five No's to Referendum: The Making of National Security Policy in Taiwan 陳牧民; Chen, Mu-Min
2004-06 From Insider-Outsider Collusion to Insider Control in China's SOEs Lee, Keun; Hahn, Donghoon

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