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2017-12 Merger and Takeover Attempts in Taiwanese Party Politics FELL, DAFYDD
2005-11 Metadata在圖書資訊學的研究發展 陳亞寧; Chen, Ya-ning; 陳淑君; Chen, Shu-jiun
2001-08 Metadata管理系統之分析與設計 余顯強; Yu, Shien-chiang; 陳瑞順; Chen, Ruey-shun; 陳昭珍; Chen, Chao-chen
2005-11 Metadiscourse in Academic Writing: An Investigation of Graduate Students' MA Theses in Taiwan 林啟一; Lin, Chi-yee
2016-03 Metamorphic Malware Detection Using Function Call Graph Analysis Deshpande, Prasad; Stamp, Mark
2009-06 Metaphorization and Metonymization: Diachronic Development of Verbs of Volition in Southern Min 張妙霞; Chang, Miao-Hsia
2003-12 Metaphorized Motion in English 謝健雄; Shie, Jian-Shiung
2020-06 Middle-Power Cooperation in the Indo-Pacific Era 添谷芳秀; SOEYA, YOSHIHIDE
2016-12 Migration and Home: Last Train Home and Mountains May Depart 苗偉; Miao, Wei
2011-07 Mikhail Bakhtin狂歡節概念的民主化意涵: 從批判取向論述分析的理論困境談起 王孝勇; Wang, Hsiao-Yung
1997-12 A Milestone as well as a Millstone: The Jiang-Clinton Summit Hu, Xiao-Bo
2004-06 A Militarily Rising China: Issues of Interpretation and Response Bobrow, Davis B.
2004-06 The Military Connection in China Joffe, Ellis
2008-12 Minding Our Words: Audio Responsibilities in Endangered Languages Documentation and Archiving Nathan, David
1996-06 Misrepresentation in International Securiries Transactions 一 A Conflict of Laws Approach 曾宛如
2002-06 The Missing Link to the Predicted Collapse of the PRC Regime Hsu, S. Philip
2016-12 The Missing Public Interest in Land: Auctions of Public Land in Taipei City LIN, TZU-CHIN; CHENG, YUN-TING
2003-09 Mistiming Clock and Perforated Sheet: Chronotopic Motifs in Midnight's Children Yu, Hui-chu
2017-06 Mobility and Transformation: Qing and East Asian Modernity 呂文翠; Lu, Wen-tsuei
2017-12 Mobility and Transformation: Travels of Texts in Multi-dimensional Contexts 顏健富; Guan, Kean-fung
2007-12 Mobilizing for War: China's Limited Ability to Cope with the Soviet Threat Bachman, David
1996-10 A Model of Decentralized Development: Border Trade and Economic Development in Yunnan Zhao, Guangzhi
2005-12 Modeling Variation in Taiwan Southern Min Syllable Contraction 李盈興; Li, Yingshing; Myers, James
2014-03 Modelling e-Health Systems Security Requirements: A Business Process Based Approach Alahmadi, Ahmed H.; Soh, Ben; Ullah, Azmat
2012-06 Modern 陳碩文; Chen, Shuo-Win

Showing items 1226-1250 of 11077. (444 Page(s) Totally)
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