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2011-06 The Weak Preempting the Strong: The Case of the Taiwan Strait 李恆宇; Lee, Heng-Yu
2012-01 Theaetetus’ logos: The epistemic significance of λόγος in Plato’s Theaetetus 何畫瑰; HO, Hua-Kuei
2013-03 A Theoretical Analysis of the Diaoyu Islands Disputes from the Perspective of Pure Theory of Law 梁志建; Liang, Zhi-Jian
2004-04 Theoretical Considerations of Elementary English Instruction in Taiwan: Does Age Matter? Chang, Hsin-Fen
2003-06 The Theory and Application of Great Power Politics Godwin, Paul H.B.
1998-07 Three Hebei Townships under State -Endorsed Rural Reform Pilot Projects : Conflicts of National and Local Interests Fong, Shiaw-Chian
1999-12 Three Incremental Maintenance Algorithms on Object-Oriented Data Warehousing 陳威州; 洪宗貝; 林文揚; Chen, Wei-Chou; Hong, Tzung-Pei; Lin, Wen-Yang
2018-06 "To shut our eyes is Travel": Nineteenth-Century Imaginary Journeys and Dickinson's Virtual Europe Finnerty, Páraic
2012-09 Toast Master Club Experience as Affordance for Autonomous EFL Learners Chao, Chin-Chi; Chen, Yi-Ning
2018-12 Tobias Smollett's Interpolated Narratives: Marginal Voices within Mainstream Novels White, Simon
2005-06 Tonal Patterns in Chinese Regulated Verse: A Corpus Study Duanmu, San; Stiennon, Nathan
2007-06 Topic-Focus Structure and Quantification of Dou 'All' 慎俊浩; Shin, Joonho
1998-08 Toward &quot;the Modern Corporation&quot;: Recent Developments in the Institutional Reform of State-Owned Enterprises in Mainland China Smyth, Russell
2012-04 Toward a Solution to Voting Dilemma 賴世剛; Lai, Shih-Kung
2016-01 Toward a Unitary Account of Diverse Shi Constructions in Mandarin Chinese 李文山; Li, Wenshan
1998-06 Toward an International Relations Theory with Chinese Characteristics? Chan, Gerald
2008-05 Toward Mutual Accreditation and Credit Exchange among LIS Programs in the Asia-Pacific Region Miwa, Makiko; Kasai , Yumiko; Miyahara, Shizuko
2018-06 Towards a Bigger Picture: Transatlantic Ekphrasis in William B. Patrick's "The Slave Ship" Plasa, Carl
2018-04 Towards A Cross-generational Understanding of EFL Learner Agency: A Multiple Case Study on Learners From Taiwan 招靜琪; Chao, Chin-chi
2014-03 Towards a Dialogic World: Mediums at Work in Post/Colonial South Africa Lee, Chia-Sui
2012-09 Towards a Philosophical Foundation for Translation: Ricoeur’s Hermeneutics 鄭永康; Tee, Carlos G.
2015-09 Towards a "Green Detente" between Japan and China? The Case of Cooperation on Reforestation COURMONT, BARTHÉLÉMY
2007-12 Towards an Increasing Collaboration at WTO Negotiating Forums: The Case of China and India 畢斯瓦基特納; Nag, Biswajit; 查卡拉鮑迪, 德巴喜斯.; Chakraborty, Debashis
2014-06 TPP とRCEP の競合下における東アジア地域統合 宇都宮溪

Showing items 1901-1925 of 11048. (442 Page(s) Totally)
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