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2009-03 Which Kinds of Trend Metrics Are More Effective for Emerging Trend Detection? 曾元顯; Tseng, Yuen-Hsien; 洪文琪; 李宜映; Hung, Wen-Chi; Lee, Yi-Yang
2013-12 Whither an Internationalist Japan: Global Activism and Democratic Deficit in Japanese Foreign Policy 楊向峰; Yang, Xiang-Feng
1996-07 Who Has the Emperor's Clothes? Economic Relationship between the Central and Local Governments in Mainland China Prybyla, Jan S.
2017-06 Who Is More Generous? The Moderating Role of Gender and Education in Chinese Corporate Philanthropy ZHENG, LU; CHEN, ZONGSHI
2014-10 Who Likes Globalization? Attitudes towards International Markets, Migration, and Marriage in Four East Asian Countries 張晉芬; Chang, Chin-Fen
2005-03 Why and How Does Asia Cooperate? Zhang, Bao-Hui
2011-09 Why Do People Make Online Group Purchases? Risk Avoidance, Sociability, Conformity, and Perceived Playfulness Shu, Wesley
2017-12 Why Is China Unwelcome in Taiwan? Cultural Alienation, Democratic Anxiety or Economic Loss in Explaining Taiwanese Resistance to China 曾偉峰; TZENG, WEI-FENG; 李冠成; LEE, KUAN-CHEN; MACAULAY, CHRISTOPHER
2000-11 Why the Military Obeys the Party's Orders to Repress Popular Uprisings: The Chinese Military Crackdown of 1989 Kou, Chien-Wen
2018-01 Will An Analyst Report More Positively for Less-Covered Stocks When They Are First Included on His/Her List? 羅懷均; Lo, Huai-Chun; 林修葳; Lin, Hsiou-wei
2002-06 Will Problems in China's Financial Sector be the Trigger for Total Collapse? Tao, Yi-Feng
1985 Will the Chinese Communist Abandon Marxism-Leninism? Wu, An-chia
2019-06 "With this past before you, all around you": On the Transformation of Identities in M. G. Vassanji's No New Land Ozawa, Shizen
2017-06 Women and the Consumption of News in Ben Jonson's The Staple of News Cheng, Elyssa Y.
2004-12 The Words-and-Rules Theory: Evidence from Chinese Morphology 何元建; He, Yuan-Jian
2005-03 The World Trade Organization and Challenges to the Global Trading System 威瑪克; Williams, Marc
1997-02 World-Wide Web文獻安排之探討 陳亞寧; Chen, Ya-ning
2003-09 Writing Insecurity: The PRC's Push to Modernize China and the Politics of Uighur Identity Fogden, Scott
2020-06 Writing the Nation: Walter Scott's Narrative Poetry McIntosh, Ainsley
2003-09 WTO 2000年瓜地馬拉與墨西哥有關波特蘭水泥反侵銷爭端之法律分析 林彩瑜
2008-08 WTO and China's Capital Market Development 傅冶天; Fu, Yee-Tien (Ted)
2005-03 WTO Architecture and Implications for Taiwan's Foreign Trade 江啓臣; Chiang, Johnny Chi-Chen
2004-04 WTO TRIPS協定下醫藥專利與公共健康之問題及其解決方向 林彩瑜
2005-03 WTO View of the Netherlands' Trade and Industry 歐德斯鴻; Oudshoorn, Drs C.
2013-09 WTO's Multi-layered Control on Trade Retaliation 劉筱萌; Liu, Xiao-Mong

Showing items 2051-2075 of 11048. (442 Page(s) Totally)
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