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2019-12 The Romani and the Highland Clearances in Walter Scott's Guy Mannering Arant, Paul
2004-04 Sergi Eisenstein's Unfilmed Adaptation of Theodore Dreiser's An American Tragedy Christensen, Peter G.
2018-06 "Speaking Distance": Fantasies of Immediacy and the Transatlantic Telegraph Butchard, Dorothy
2016-12 Strange Vacation Days: James Schuyler's Materialist Writing of Space-Time Deveson, Aaron
2017-06 Susanne Schmid, British Literary Salons of the Late Eighteenth and Early Nineteenth Centuries Wolf, Alexis
2016-12 Taoism and Maxine Faulk in Williams' The Night of the Iguana Wang, Xuding
2018-06 "To shut our eyes is Travel": Nineteenth-Century Imaginary Journeys and Dickinson's Virtual Europe Finnerty, Páraic
2018-12 Tobias Smollett's Interpolated Narratives: Marginal Voices within Mainstream Novels White, Simon
2018-06 Towards a Bigger Picture: Transatlantic Ekphrasis in William B. Patrick's "The Slave Ship" Plasa, Carl
2003-09 Trans-generational Daughterly Haunting and Contemporary Ethnic Women's Writing Chang, Shu-li
2006-12 Traversing beyond Pleasure and Knowledge: The Tsai, Jen-chieh
2003-09 Troping the Uncouth Swain: Milton's Use of Apostrophe in Lycidas Cole, Kevin L.
2020-06 Unsettling the Yoke of Humanity: T. C. Boyle's Strange Man, Apes, and Dog Woman Wu, Wei-bon
2003-09 Victor's Career and the Chronology of the French Revolutionary Period in Mary Shelly's Frankenstein Christensen, Peter G.
2009-12 Violating Private Papers: Sensational Epistolarity and Violence in Victorian Detective Fiction Wagner, Tamara S.
2019-12 When Dorian Gray Speaks Chinese: Cosmopolitanism in Wang Dahong's Translation Chen, Richard Rong-bin
2019-06 "With this past before you, all around you": On the Transformation of Identities in M. G. Vassanji's No New Land Ozawa, Shizen
2017-06 Women and the Consumption of News in Ben Jonson's The Staple of News Cheng, Elyssa Y.
2020-06 Writing the Nation: Walter Scott's Narrative Poetry McIntosh, Ainsley
2014-06 一樣極權兩樣情?─以四部德語小說為例 簡潔; Chien, Chieh
2015-06 「不要試驗良心,賭全贏或全輸為要」: 約翰.布肯的《巫師森林》中巫術的 道德隱喻 林欣瑩; Lin, Hsin-Ying
2008-12 《中國節慶》與十八世紀倫敦的觀眾 Ou, Hsin-yun
2013-06 交響腐人夢:情感轉碼與戀人共同體 涂銘宏; Tu, Ming Hung Alex
2010-12 「但我依照我的方式」: 法蘭西絲柏尼《卡蜜拉》中 米頓女士的自主與社會地位的追尋 陳麗青; Chen, Li-ching
2014-06 佐藤春夫《田園之憂鬱》中的「他」因何憂鬱?:剖析「他」與「自然」之關係 范淑文; Fan, Shu-Wen

顯示項目76-100 / 180. (共8頁)
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