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Title: 『古事記』中間に見られる女性像―富登多々良伊須々岐比売命、沙本毘売、神功皇后を中心に―
Other Titles: Images of Female Characters in the "Kojiki" Volume 2-Take Hototataraisusukihimenomikoto, Sahobime, Zinnguukougou for Examples
Authors: 鄭家瑜
Cheng, Chia-yu
Contributors: 日文系
Keywords: 古事記;女性人物形象;富登多々良伊須々岐比売命;沙本毘売;神功皇后;形象;皇后
Kojiki;image of female character;image;queen;Sahobime;Zinnguukougou;Hototataraisusukihimenomikoto
Date: 2010.01
Issue Date: 2014-06-26 15:05:03 (UTC+8)
Abstract: 本論文是《古事記》之女性人物形象的第二篇。承接第一篇「《古事記》上卷之女性人物形象」的研究成果,本論文主要探討《古事記》中卷的女性人物形象。在《古事記》中卷的女性人物當中,皇后人物不單是天皇的「配偶」而己,她們在故事中扮演著重要的角色,並且對於《古事記》故事結構的發展以及延伸,具有重大的影響力。因此,本論文要從《古事記》中卷的女性當中,首先針對富登多々良伊須々岐比売命、沙本毘売、神功皇后這三位皇后來做考察。透過分析故事中所描述有關三位皇后的言行、舉止、反應、容貌、風度等等的內容,來解析該人物於故事中所呈現的性格、機能以及造型等問題。透過上述的方法,筆者發現:《古事記》中卷出現的這三位皇后的形象,雖各自有特色,卻同時擁有堅強的意志和勇氣、主動守護男性,具有巫女以及慈母性格的女性,成為男性們在治理天下時的重要支持力量。再者,透過《古事記》《日本書紀》兩書的比較,筆者也發現:《古事記》的敘述方式非常具有文藝性,對於女性人物之「人情味」多有強調。透過本論文的考察,筆者不但觀察出三位皇后的形象當中,呈現出《古事記》想要強調的「理想的皇后形象」之外,也更清楚掌握《古事記》中的天皇統治的原理以及《古事記》編撰的態度。
This paper is the second part of "Images of Female Characters in the Kojiki", and, based on the result of part 1--"Images of Female Characters in the Kojiki Volume 1", for finding the images of female characters in the Kojiki Volume 2.Queen, in the Kojiki Volume 2, is not only a spouse of Japan emperor, but also plays a critical role to influence story development or structure of the Kojiki. This paper will focus on Hototataraisusukihimenomikoto, Sahobime, Zinnguukougou in all female characters of the Kojiki Volume 2. By analyzing their words, behaviors, reactions, appearances, attitudes and so on, we will try to find out each one's identity, function and style in stories.According to the method mentioned above, we find the three queens in the Kojiki Volume 2, though look different, all own the same strong will, courage, positivity to protect man and the female characteristic combined mysteriousness of witch and motherhood, and are the main support for the male to rule. Furthermore, by comparing the Kojiki with the Nihonsyoki, we also find the Kojiki more rhetorical and emphatic on the human touch of the female.From this paper, we have not only seen the "image of perfect queen" the Kojiki tried to show up, but al so grasped the ruling principles of Japan emperor and the editing guidelines for the Kojiki.
Relation: 政大日本研究,7,23 - 53
Data Type: article
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