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Title: 不對稱政治與兩岸關係
Politics of Asymmetry and the Cross-Strait Relations
Authors: 于芝雅
Arday, Julia
Contributors: 冷則剛
Leng, Tse Kang
Arday, Julia
Keywords: asymmetry
asymmetric connection
asymmetric triangle
Cross-Strait relations
United States
asymmetric connection
asymmetric triangle
Cross-Strait relations
United States
Date: 2013
Issue Date: 2014-07-29 16:18:12 (UTC+8)
Abstract: 本文研究目的在於以Brantly Womack的不對稱關係理論,來研究兩岸關係,並測試其理論的有效性。有關不對稱關係理論,原本以經濟及軍事面向為分析焦點。本論文則將民主及主權等相關理論列入分析範疇,並使得不對稱理論的研究範圍擴大。此外,有關第三方的角色,尤其是美國的角色,也納入了論文的討論與分析。因此,不對稱關係的研究,也將從雙邊關係,拓展到三邊關係。本論文將對不對稱的三角關係,作出了理論及政策上的貢獻。
The basic aim of this current thesis is to place the connection between China and Taiwan into Brantly Womack’s concept of asymmetric connections. The main question of the study is if the relations across the Taiwan Strait are an asymmetric one and if so, does this connection fit into the framework of the mentioned theory. The presence of non-symmetry or the lack of it is to be proven uniquely through the sectors of economy and military, by comparing the two actors in these spheres. With the step of taking these two sectors as the basis of the examination and including a democratically governed territory in the study, not just the limitations of the original concept will be broadened, but a gap will be filled that has existed in the field. Additionally, a third party, the United States is introduced into the connection between Beijing and Taipei. The nature of the study of the relations will change from bilateral to triangular. As a result, the concept of asymmetric triangle will take the place of the asymmetric connections theory for the duration of one chapter.
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Chuang, Yih Chyi (Conducted: May 28, 2014)
Chiang, Chia-Hsiung (Conducted: June 3, 2014)
Yuan, Yi (Conducted: June 12, 2014)

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