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2008-07 Muslims in Taiwan: a community on the decline, 林長寬
2019-06 Nuns’ Ordination: The Taiwanese Case 李玉珍
2000-03 Ordination, Legitimacy, and Sisterhood: the International Full Ordination Ceremony in Bodhgaya 李玉珍; Li, Yu-chen
1999-11 The Origins of State-Local Relations in Taiwan: A New Institutionalist Perspective Kuo, Cheng-Tian; 郭承天
2016-04 Paintings, Statues and manuscripts: Daoist Collection of Lee Fongmao 謝世維; Hsieh, Shu-Wei
2012-03 Perfect Writs, Jade Talisman and Numinous: A Study of the Concept of Image in Early Daoist Scripture 謝世維; Hsieh, Shu-Wei
2013-08 Political Conservatism and Religious Experiences in Taiwan 郭承天; Kuo, Cheng-Tian
2016-03 Political Ideology and Theological Rhetoric – The Case of the True Jesus Church in Taiwan in the Cold War (1945-1990) 蔡彥仁
2007 Preserving the One and Residing in Harmony: Daoist Connections in Zhu Xi’s Instruction for Breath Control 蔡彥仁
1998 Private Governance in Taiwan Kuo, Cheng-tian; 郭承天
2008-10 The Problem of Pāli as the Canonical Language of Buddhism 黃柏棋
2013-02 The Problem of Sanskrit as the Canonical Language in Buddhism 黃柏棋; Huang, Pochi
2010-10 Rang or Yielding with Respect: Reflections on a Confucian Virtue and Its Relevance in the Cross-Strait Realpolitk 蔡彥仁; Tsai, Yen-Zen
2012-06 Reading Beliefs and Strategies in L1 and L2: A Case Study of Three EFL Readers 許麗媛
2007 Reconstructing Buddhist Perspectives on Homosexuality: Enlightenment from the Study of the Body 李玉珍
2005-03 Reflection on Communal Conflict between Muslims and Hindus in India 黃柏棋
2017-12 Reflections on Daoist Studies as an Academic Discipline 謝世維; Hsieh, Shu-wei
1996 Religio and Superstitio: State Policy toward the Mystery Cults in the Early Roman Empire 蔡彥仁
1999 Religio and Superstitio:State Policy toward the Mystery Cults in the Early Roman Empire 蔡彥仁
2010-06 Religion and Political Conservatism in Taiwan 郭承天; Kuo, Cheng-Tian
2009-06 Religion and Political Value in China and Taiwan since 2000 郭承天; Kuo, Cheng-Tian
2003-01 Religion and Violence- Reflections on Communalism in India 黃柏棋
2005-03 Religion and Violence: Reflections on Communal Conflict between the Muslims and the Hindus in India 黃柏棋
2018 Religiosity and Leadership among Taiwanese Buddhist Nuns 李玉珍; Li, Yu-Chen
2013 Religious Experience in Contemporary Taiwan and China. 蔡彥仁; Tsai, Yen-zen

Showing items 101-125 of 773. (31 Page(s) Totally)
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