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2004-08 Processes management for autocorrelated observations 楊素芬
2004-08 Processes management for autocorrelated observations 楊素芬
2011-01 Queckenstedt's test headache response is associated with increased jugular venous flow volume during migraine attack Chou,Chi-Hsiang; Fu,Jong-Ling; Wang,Shuu-Jiun; Hu,Han-Hwa; Wu,Jaw-Ching; Cheng,Yu-Ting
2012-12 Random Forests-Based Differential Analysis of Gene Sets for Gene Expression Data. Hsueh, Huey-Miin; Zhou,Da-Wei; Tsai,Chen-An; 薛慧敏; 蔡政安
2008 Ranking Individuals by Group Comparisons 翁久幸; Huang,Tzu-Kuo; Lin, Chic-Jen; Weng,Ruby
2006 Ranking individuals by group comparisons Huang, T.-K.; Lin, C.-J.; Weng, Ruby Chiu-Hsing; 翁久幸
2001-06 A Ratio Method for Old Age Mortality Projection Based on Incomplete Data: The Case in Taiwan 余清祥; 胡玉蕙; 張正鵬; Yue, Jack C.; Hu, Yu-Whuei; Chang, Cheng-Peng
2001 RC(M)模型之探討 高佩瑄; Kao, Pei-Hsuan
2001 RCA受僱女性員工流行病學調查報告 鄭宇庭
2018-03 Real-Time Bayesian Parameter Estimation for Item Response Models 翁久幸; Weng, Ruby Chiu-Hsing; Coad, D. Stephen
2015-10 Reduced Gut Acidity Induces an Obese-Like Phenotype in Drosophila melanogaster and in Mice Lin, Wei-Sheng; Huang, Cheng-Wen; Song, You-Sheng; Yen, Jui-Hung; Kuo, Ping-Chang; Yeh, Sheng-Rong; Lin, Hung-Yu; Fu, Tsai-Feng; Wu, Ming-Shiang; Wang, Horng-Dar; Wang, Pei-Yu; 江振東
2017-01 Regression analysis for bivariate gap time with missing first gap time data 黃佳慧; Huang, C.-H.; Chen, Y.-H.
2015-10 Relationship Between Parental and Adolescent eHealth Literacy and Online Health Information Seeking in Taiwan Chang, F.-C.; Chiu, C.-H.; Chen, P.-H.; Miao, N.-F.; Lee, C.-M.; Chiang, J.-T.; Pan, Y.-C.; 江振東
2013-06 Relationships Among Cyberbullying, School Bullying, and Mental Health in Taiwanese Adolescents CHANG, FONG-CHING; LEE, CHING-MEI; CHIU, CHIUNG-HUI; HSI, WEN-YUN; HUANG, TZU-FU; PAN, YUN-CHIEH; 張鳳琴; 李景美; 邱瓊慧
2007-10 Reproducibility of microarray data: a further analysis of microarray quality control (MAQC) data Chen,James J.; Hsueh, Huey-Miin; Delongchamp, Robert R; Lin, Chien-Ju; Tsai, Chen-An; 薛慧敏; 蔡政安
2010-05 A Resistant Learning Procedure for Coping with Outliers 鄭宗記; 蔡瑞煌; Tsaih,Rua-Huan; Cheng,Tsung-Chi
2007-03 The Rise of Cooperation in Correlated Matching Prisoners Dilemma: An Experiment 楊春雷; 余清祥; 俞一唐; Yang, Chun-Lei; Yue, Ching-Syang Jack; Yu, I-Tang
2013-03 Risk assessment of a portfolio selection model based on a fuzzy statistical test 吳柏林; LIN, Pei-Chun; WATADA, Junzo; WU, Berlin
2013 RNA序列實驗中檢測差異表現基因之統計方法 呂泓廷
2000 Robust Correlation Estimation With Missing Values 鄭宗記; Victoria; Feser,M-P
2003 Robust design of Power Switch Supply 楊素芬; Lin,G; Su,H
2003 Robust design of Power Switch Supply 楊素芬; Lin,G; Su,H
2011-04 Robust Diagnostics for Heteroscedastic Regression Model 鄭宗記; Cheng, Tsung-Chi
2006-08 Robust Diagnostics for Multivariate Mixed Continuous and Categorical Data 鄭宗記
2011-04 Robust diagnostics for the heteroscedastic regression model Cheng, Tsung-Chi; 鄭宗記

Showing items 551-575 of 2415. (97 Page(s) Totally)
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