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2012-12 Causes of Relinquishing the Dogs Adopted from Animal Shelters in Taiwan Fuh, Ying-Bin; Tung, Meng-Chih; Tung, Kwong-Chung; Chiang, Jeng-Tung; Fei, Chang-Young; 江振東
1984-12 A Chance-Constrained Approach to Insurance and Investment Risks Management 姚興台
2019-04 Children's Use of Mobile Devices, Smartphone Addiction and Parental Mediation in Taiwan 江振東; Chiang, Jeng-Tung; 張鳳琴; Chang, Fong-Ching; 陳炳宏; Chen, Ping-Hung; 莊弘毅; Chuang, Hung-Yi; 邱瓊慧; Chiu, Chiung-Hui; 劉淑美; Liu, Shumei; 苗迺芳; Miao, Nae-Fang
2001-03 Classification of Tea Quality With Fuzzy Cluster Analysis 鄭宇庭; Cheng, Yu-Ting
2002 Cluster Analysis of Cancer Mortality in Taiwan Area 陳楓玲; CHIN FOONG LING
2000 Comments on Hrbird Sampling Methods for Confidence Intervals Michael Woodroofe
2000 Comments on Hybrid Resampling Methods for Confidence Intervals 翁久幸; Michael Woodroofe; Weng, Ruby C.; Woodroofe, Michael
2007 Comparing Portfolio Credit Risk Methods on Diversification Effecet 劉惠美
1999 Comparing the number of species in two populations: group sampling case Yue, Jack C.; Clayton M; 余清祥
2003 Comparison of methods for estimating the number of true null hypotheses in mulitplicity testing Hsueh, Huey-Miin; Chen J. J.; Kodel R. L.; 薛慧敏
1998-12 Computer-Aided Sampling Survey Operating System 謝邦昌; 鄭宇庭
1998-12 Computer-Aided Sampling Survey Operating System 謝邦昌; 鄭宇庭
2010-01 A computer-assisted model for predicting probability of dying within 7 days of hospice admission in patients with terminal cancer Chiang, J.-K.; Cheng, Yu Hsiang; Koo, M.; Kao, Y.-H.; Chen, C.-Y.; 鄭宇翔
1999-11 Computing Least Trimmed Squares Regression with the Forward Search Atkinson A.C; 鄭宗記; Cheng,Tsung-Chi
2010 A conditional indenpendence test for dependent data based on maximamal conditional correlation Cheng, Yu-Hsiang; 黃子銘; Huang, Tzee-Ming
2012-05 A conditional independence test for dependent data based on maximal conditional correlation 黃子銘; Cheng, Yu-Hsiang; Huang, Tzee-Ming
2013-09 Constrained Maximum Likelihood Estimation of Cell Probabilities under Local Odds Ratio Constraints Kuo, Hsun-chih; 郭訓志
2009-09 Constructing the best linear combination of diagnostic markers via sequential sampling 張源俊; Chang, Yuan-chin I.; Park, Eunsik
2002 The Construction and E-optimality of Linear Trend-Free Block Designs 高建國
2007-12 Consumption and Credit Market: Evidence from Taiwan 吳中書; 范芝萍; Wu, Chung-Shu; Fan, Chih-Ping
2007 controlling a process with incorrect adjustment using VSI control charts 楊素芬
2008-09 Controlling Biases in Double-Bounded Contingent Valuation Surveys 江振東
2009 Controlling means and variances using VSSI cause selecting control charts 楊素芬
2009-04 Controlling over-adjusted process means and variances using VSI casue selecting control charts 楊素芬; Chen, Wan-Yun; Yang, Su-Fen; Chen, Wan-Yun

Showing items 126-150 of 2415. (97 Page(s) Totally)
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