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2005 Functional Experiments for SIP-VoIP on IPv6-based TWAREN 許蒼嶺; 廖仁宏; 邱仁鴻
2010-08-26 Gaga的空間性:以馬里光(Mrqwang)流域泰雅部落的經驗為例 官大偉
2010-03-08 Giant Vivian Chi; Liao, Stephanie; Vicky Kuo; Baronice Chen; Maggie Lee
1999 Gigabit交換路由器之測試 周立德; 楊正鼎; 陳瑞明; 劉士誠; 蔡能聰; 涂國祥; 郭乃榮
2016 Global Communication and Risk Societies Udz, Silvaana Maree
2005 GoogleHacking 入侵與防範技術之研究 莊芳昇; 鄭進興
2010-06-12 Haiti Mission: The practice and theory of EU's instrument for stability Cheng, Yu-Chin
2006 The Handoff Design for Hierarchical Mobile MPLS Networks Based on M/M/m Queuing Model Chiang, Ling-Feng; Wang, Chun-Chieh; Hsieh, Kung-Min; Dai, Jiang-Whai
2006 High-Performance Steganographic Method Using Modulus Operation and Human Visual Model Liu, Jiang-Lung
1999 High-Speed Route Search Mechanism for IPV6 Chen, Wen-Shyen E.; Tsai, Chung-Ting Justine; Hsu, Lu-meng
2010-03-09 Holding Up Half the Sky? Are Chinese women given equal rights in political participation? Yi-Wen Yu; Shuo-Ya Liu; 尤怡文; 劉碩雅
2019-06 How do Influencers Leverage the Behaviors of Consumers on the Social Networking? Wu, Junyi; 吳君怡
1995 HRS:A Hypermedia Retrieval System 楊東麟; 陳俊吉; Yang, Don Lin
2001 HTTP與FTP訊務在TANET 骨幹上的分析與監控 劉人豪; 洪正雄; 張展肇; 侯廷昭
2010-09-27 Human Rights and Human Security in the Global Era: A Case Study on Human Trafficking in Transnational Organized Crime. 周志杰; Chou, Chih-Chieh
2010-09-27 Human Rights and Transitional Justice: a Comparison of Taiwan and Its Enlightenment for China. 李怡俐; Lee, Yi-li
2006 ICT學習情境之設計 梁宗賀; 陳煥彬; 杜叔娟
2010-06-01 IDAS國際學術研討會 : 亞太區域整合的新展望論文集. 2010 國立政治大學亞太研究英語博士學位學程
2010-12-11 An Ideal Penis for Men-- Comparative Study on the Ideas about the Organs for Sexual Activities in History of China and Japan 梅川純代
2006 IEBLOCKER個人版不當網站防制系統 邱志傑; 王明習; 謝錫堃; 賴溪松
2006 IEEE 802.11網路動態負載平衡方法 王成屏 ; 紀光輝
2017-05-13 The impact of Trust in Business Facebook Fanpage and Satisfaction Liao, Hsiu-Li; Chou, Chen-Huei; Chen, Wei-Chih
1999 The Implementation and Evaluation of the Proxy Server's Access Control Tseng, Jann-Perng; Chen, Huei-huang
1999 Implementing an Ubiquitous Resource Service Architecture Based on the Web and LDAP Yang , Chu-Sing; Liu  , Chien-Yuan; Bai , Sheng-Wen
2017-05-13 Improving Net Profit by Developing E-commerce Channel and Reduce Dependency on B&M Channel-Analysis of T.ONE CASE Hsieh, Ying Jiun; Huang, Yen Pu

Showing items 126-150 of 1809. (73 Page(s) Totally)
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