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2010-11-27 Performance of Cute Ambassadors: The Diplomatic Appropriation of Pop Culture in Japan 佐藤里野
2012-04-27 A Personalised Interface for Structured Information Resources: Cognitive Style Mapping 陳攸華
2012-04-27 Personalized Learning in the Age of Mobile Connectivity: The Potential Impacts on Libraries and Digital Archives 黃龍翔; Wong, Lung Hsiang
2010 Planning and Deployment of OpenFlow Networks over Internet Tsai, Pang-Wei; Cheng, Pei-Wen; Chen, Mou-Sen; Luo, Mon-Yen; Liu, Te-Lung; Yang, Chu-Sing
2005 Podcasting—個人化廣播新媒介之初探 李定瑋
2014-11-15 POE探究式學習策略的創新融入對學習歷程之影響 陳俊臣; Chen, Jyun-Chen; 彭宜芳; Peng, Yi-Fang; 蕭顯勝; Hsiao, Hsien-Sheng
2016 The Politics of border trade in Sino-Vietnamese Relations: how China maneuvers economic interdependence to ease bilateral tension? 楊昊; 康議文; Yang, Alan Hao; Kang, I-Wen
2019-06 A posting recommendation system for question formulation: a healthcare Q&A forum study Yi-Ling, Lin
2010-09-27 Power and Powerlessness of Indigenous People in Times of Transitional Justice –the Case of the Dao Enn, Rosa
2010-03-09 PRC Espionage against Taiwan: Developments & Implications Aaron Jensen
2016 Precipitation control and politics of cloud water governance via state-led weather modification: case study of authoritarian China 簡旭伸; 洪冬力; 林博雄; Chien, Shiuh-shen; Hong, Dong-li; Lin, Po-hsiung
2005 A Preliminary Study on the Motives of Online Games Addiction Based on Flow Theory and Two-Factor Theory Chiou, Wen-Bin; Center, General Education; Wan, Chin-Sheng; College, National Kaohsiung Hospitality
2018-01 The Present and Future of Traning the Korean Study Specialists in Japan 生越直樹; Naoki, OGOSHI
2018-01 The Present and Future of Traning the Korean Study Specialists in Taiwan 朴柄善; Park, Byung-Sun
2018-01 Present State and Issues of Korean Pronunication Education 權卿根; Kwon, Kyung-Keun
2000 PRI 撥接網路管理之探討 楊峻榮 
2016 Private entrepreneurs as a 'Strategic group' in Chinese Polity Gunter, Schubert; Heberer, Thomas
2009-04-11 Problems in Intercultural Communication: An Inter-University Study on Chinese Undergraduate Students in Hong Kong, and Pedagogical Insights 李芳琼; Lee, Fong-King
1999 A Ratioed Channel Assignment Scheme for Initial and Handoff Calls in Mobile Cellar Systems Huang, Chenn-Jung; Lai, Wei Kuang; Wang, Chua-Chin; Jin, Yu-Jyr; Chen, Hsin Wei
2015-04-11 RCEP參與和兩岸互動:從全球價值鏈的角度分析 杜巧霞
2014-05-03 RCEP與東亞區域經濟整合:趨勢與挑戰 杜巧霞
2010-06-01 A reflexive Asian identity? Remapping Asianess through the dialogue with Europe. Thu, Huong Le
2016 Reinvigoration and assimilation: Shakespearean adaptations of traditional Chinese drama 姜翠芬; Jiang, Tsui-fen
2010-04-02 Reputation as an External Incentive Mechanism in State 李軍林; 李天有
2010-03-09 The Research on Legalization of Cross-Strait CBMs 岳瑞麒; Yueh, Jui-Chi

Showing items 226-250 of 1809. (73 Page(s) Totally)
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