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2019-06 Socializing and learning in social media - An empirical case of conflict in Facebook learning communities Chuang, Huan-Ming; Liao, Yi-Teng
2002 SONET 網路傳訊品質與UDP/ICMP 訊務的迴歸相關分析 楊素秋; 曾黎明
2010-05-01 South Korea-ASEAN FTA 劉德海
2004 Spam/Virus Mail 分流機制探討—以中央大學為例 王雅慈; 張慈敏; 劉劍青; 曾黎明; 陳奕明
2010-04-02 Spending Cooperation for the Provision of International Public Goods 林其昂; 賴育邦
2015-03-27 Straners in our own time: growing older in a connected world Hinterlong, James Edward
2016 The strategic rise of China in South Asia 那瑞維; Narayanan, Raviprasad
2010-06-02 The Strategic Triangle Approach: A Concept Still Viable for Explaining U.S.-China-Taiwan Relations? Sebastian Biba; 畢思泉
2003 Studio-Based 即時多點群播遠距教學系統與寬頻乙太網路整合架構之設計與實現 葉國良; 鍾俊仁; 吳正宇; 周利蔚; 李介中
2018-01 A Study for Appearance Rate of Chinese Characters of Education in Elementary School in Taiwan and Korea 陳柏均; Chen, Bo Jun
2019-06 The Study of Deep learning Applications for Autonomous Vehicles, From Unicorns’ Perspective. Liang, Pi-Hsia; 梁碧霞
2010-03-09 The Study of Development between EU and ASEAN in the 21st Century-View of Regionalism 陳仲沂; Chen, Chung-Yi
2018-01 A Study on the Changes of Conceptions and Changes in Thooughts of Wealthy in the Late Joseon Dynasty 全頌喜; Jeon, Song Hui
2012-03-17 A Study on the Citizen Participatory Trial in Korea 權五杰; Kwon, Oh Geol
2018-01 A Study on the Korean particle Errors of Chinese Korean Learners 姜炫和; Kang, Hyoun Hwa; 韓松花; Han, Song Hoa
2018-01 The Study on the Learning Errors of the Chinese Learners While Learning Sino-Korean Words 李京保; Lee, Kyong-Bo
2010-03-08 Study on the Present State of Management Process Reflecting User's Viewpoint on Cost Hatta; Hara; Ikeda; Cheung
2018-01 A Study on the Usage of Polysemous Modal Expressions 申瑞仁; Shin, Seoin
2005 Support Vector Machines 自動分類技術應用於網路文件間之相關性量測 李俊宏; 楊正宏; 徐豐智; 陳廷忠
2010-04-02 Symmetric Mortality and Asymmetric Suicide Cycles 鄭輝培; 吳文傑
2005 SYSLOG 與SNMP Traps 結合的應用 莊芳昇; 李進興
2005 System and Performance Monitoring on Diskless PC Clusters Yang, Chao-Tung; Chen, Ping-I
2005 System Support for Workload-aware Content-based Request Distribution in Web Clusters Lin, Yu-Chen; Chiang, Mei-Ling
2018-01 Taiwan High School <<論語>> Education 翁靖雯; Weng, Ching-wen
2018-01 Taiwan High School Classic Chinese Language Education 賴怡璇; Lai, I-Xuan

Showing items 276-300 of 1809. (73 Page(s) Totally)
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