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2006 The deployment of IPv6 multicast on a TWAREN affiliated intranet 古立其; 李慧蘭
2006 Deployment of SIP-based Voice Services over IPv6 Networks 陳如慧; 黃楷民; 翁永昌
2006 The design and comparison of TWAREN voicemail systems 徐嘉宏; 郭書宏; 古立其; 楊哲男
2005 Design and Implementation of Early Media Mechanism based on Session Initiation Protocol Huang, Chun-Yuan; Chu, Heng-Te; Chen, Wen-Shiung; Huang, Yi-Hung; Hsieh, Lili
2005 Design and Implementation the High-Performance PC Cluster Architecture with Diskless Slave Nodes in the Computer Classroom Yang, Chao-Tung; Hu, Yi-Cheng; Chen, Ping-I
2019-06 Design of Marine Port Logistics Resilience System in Archipelago Countries Face of Industry 4.0 Era Kusuma, L. Tri Wijaya N.; Tseng, Fu-Shiang
2005 Designing a Collaborative Defense System Hsin, Wen-Yi; Tseng, Shian-Shyong; Lin, Shun-Chieh
2005 Detection and Prevention of DDoS Attack over Wireless IPv6 Network 林政穎; 黃永銘; 陳麒元; 曾龍
2016 The development mode of new energy in China: Gansu and Inner Mongolia compared 曾聖文, 王振寰:; Wang, Jenn-hwan; Tseng; Sheng-wen
2006 The Development of IPv4 and IPv6 Supportive Active Measurement & Management System on TWAREN 張宜正; 徐嘉宏; 陳振華; 楊哲男
2004 The Development of Optical Control Plane Liu, Te-Lung
2010-03-09 Developments of China’s Changing Role in East Asian Regionalism 劉泰廷; Liu, Tai-Ting
2014-11-15 Different mechanisms underlying facial identity perception as revealed by sequential effects – the roles of the facial and participant gender Hsu, Shen-Mou; 徐慎謀
2018-01 Discussion the History Through the Official and Private Records -- Focus on <<朝鮮王朝實錄>>、<<東國輿地勝覽>>及<<慵齋叢話>> 姜彰圭; Kang, Chang Kyu
2006 Distributed Malware Monitor Systems 孫心蘭; 曾典祥; 林旻億; 蔡志賢
1999 DIYExamer:題庫收集、測驗與鑑別系統及其效能 林盈達; 林義能
2005 DNS Ontology-based Search Service 劉建良; 陳昌盛; 曾憲雄; Liu, Chieng-Liang; Chen, Chang-Sheng; Tseng, Shian-Shyong
2006 DNS-based Network Anomaly Detection and Eradicating Scheme 陳昌盛; 王向榮; 劉大川; Chen, Chang-Shang; Wang, Shang-Rung; Liu, Ta-Chung
2010-01-29 Does transformational leadership facilitate SBU innovation? The moderating roles of SBU culture and incentive compensation 林月雲; Lin, Yeh-Yun; 陳怡靜; Chen, Yi-Ching
2006 Dual Fallible Consensus in a Scale Free Network Wang, S.C.; Yang, S.C.; Yan, K.Q.
2006 Dynamic Polling Access Control for High Density Subscribers in Wireless WiMAX Networks Chou, Chien-Ming; Chang, Ben-Jye
2006 e-Campus System Based on the Pervasive Grid Chang, Ruay-Shiung; Chang, Jih-Sheng
1995 E-Mail/FAX Gateway 應用於公文傳遞的規劃與研究 劉秋美; 張露蘋; 曾黎明
2010-10-30 Economic Development and Electoral Competition in Shanghai:Implications for China’s Democratization 何俊志; HE, Jun-zhi; 王德育; WANG, T.Y.
2018-01 The Education of Concessive Conective Endings of Chinese Korean Leaners 王清棟; Wang, Ching-Tung

Showing items 76-100 of 1809. (73 Page(s) Totally)
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