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2016 Labor market structure and local cadre behavior: up or out effects in the Chinese government 耿曙; 龐保慶; 鐘靈娜; Keng, Shu; Pang, Baoqing; Zhong, Lingna
2009-04-11 Language Teaching beyond Language Learning: ‘Academicizing’ Language Programs at Universities in Taiwan Hanreich, Herbert
2009-04-11 Learners’ Anxieties on Posting Their Own Speeches on Facilitative or Debilitative? 潘根鴻; Pong, Ken-Hung
2019-06 The Learning-based Approach to Forecasting the Flight Load Factor Wei-Ting, Liang; Hsuan-Yun, Chang; Rua-Huan, Tsaih
2010-05-01 The Legal Framework for Korea’s Regional Trading Arrangements Davidson, Paul J.
2010-04-02 Life Insurance and Suicide: A Test of the Existence of Asymmetric Information 陳國樑; Yun Jeong Choi; Yasuyuki Sawada
2018-01 The Linguistic Concepts in [Daehanmunjeon] 吳忠信; Wu, Zhong Xin
2006 Live-CA:結合Java Card與PKI的憑證管理系統之設計與實現 蔡育儒; 楊中皇
2010-11 Mahābhārata as Hindu Epic 黃柏棋
2016 The making of China's image of respoinsible debtor, 1901-1925: the depreciation of Sterling, Austrian loans and gold franc 張志雲; Chang, Chih-yun
2010-03-09 Managing Maritime Piracy in Southeast Asia: a technical or sovereignty issue? Paramitaningrum
2019-06 Managing The Anxiety of Knowing and Not Knowing – The Use of Mobile Messaging applications (MMAs) in Taiwan Li, Maureen P. F.; Liang, Silvia Wan-Ju
2018-01 The Manchurian Characteristics Under The China Mission Records of The 17th and 18th Century 吳政緯; Wu, Cheng-Wei
2005 MANET 環境下正交展頻碼配置方法之設計與模擬環境實作 詹哲銘; 陳峖銡; 王讚彬
2010-03-09 Many faces and one identity? ASEAN in the search for a common role to play: the case of human rights regime. 黎秋; Thu, Huong Le
2019-06 Measuring Information System Integration in the Post-Merger Phase from a Multiple-Stakeholder Perspective Shang, Shari S. C.; 尚孝純; Wu, Junyi; 吳君怡
2010-12-18 A Mediation of Political Factors on Leadership, Work Ethics, and Perceived Performance: Comparing Central and Local Civil Servants 謝俊義; Hsieh, Jun Yi
2010-03-09 Microfinance: Providing Two Waves of Education 巴楨妮; Butler, Jennifer
2005 Mining generalized fuzzy association rules from web pages Tang, Yi-Tsung; Chiu, Hung-Pin
2010-01-16 Mom's talk online:網路社群的非正式學習 李宜芳
2005 MOODLE教學平台多媒體評量編輯系統之探究 陳慶帆; 許意苹; 林敏慧
2016 Moving forward or backward: the new round of SOE reform in China struggling between market economy disciplines and socialist political ideology 白宇烈; 張憲初; Paik, Wooyeal; Zhang, Xianchu
2005 A Multi User-Interface Generation Plug-in for Visual Studio .NET Kao, Chi-Han; Yuan, Shyan-Ming
2006 M化校園-建構數位安控及效能管理服務系統之模型 陳俊材; 黃文聰

Showing items 176-200 of 1809. (73 Page(s) Totally)
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