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2000 NBEN上H.323視訊會議系統之規劃與建置 陳年興; 陳舜耕; 高佩妤
2010-06-12 Neoliberal Diffusion of Financial Regulatory Rules: Bridging Domestic and International Explanations 李佩珊; Lee, Pei-Shan
1997 Network, Externalities, and the Economics of On-line Services 何宗武
2016 Neural Correlates of Decision Escalation Li, Yu-Wen; Liang, Ting-Peng; Yen, Nai-Shing; Hsu, Shen-Mou; Peng, Jen-Po; Yu, Hsiao-Wen; 李玉雯
2010-08-26 ngadang nua umaq na paiwan(排灣族的家屋名制) 鍾興華
2010-03-08 NIDEC: A Case Study Yin, Haihan; Ito, Kosuke; Hata, Shintaro
2006 Non-Specific Application Sharing in Access Grid Wang, Reen-Cheng; Chang, Yao-Chung; Chang, Ruay-Shiung
2006 NPB平行程式在計算網格之效能評估 黃振維; 楊大猷; 吳勇均; 賴冠州; 楊朝棟
2012-03-17 On Reasoning in Law and Science 吉良貴之; Takayuk, KIRA
2018-01 On The 'Realization' Meaning of Modal Expressions in Korea 朴鎮浩; Park, Jin-ho
2019-06 Open Banking: A Case Study for Open API Economy Hsieh, Ku-Hsien
2006 Open Relay自動測試通報機制 金志誠
2006 OpenOffice與Microsoft Office於小學資訊教育課程之系統化教學設計 張義斌; 梁雅琇; 鄭承昌
2006 An Operator-Independent MMS System 陳昱龍; 林文正; 李任庸; 黃毅然
2016 Opportunities and challenges of cross-strait economic internation: Ma, Tsai and onward 童振源; 葉家興; Tung, Chen-yuan; Yeh, Jason J. \H.
2005 Optimal and Heuristic Algorithms for the Power-Based QoS Multiple Routing Problem for Mobile Ad Hoc Networks Sheu, Pi-Rong; Chien, Chia-Hung; Liao, Wei-Sheng; Li, Yu-Ting; Chen, Zhi-Cheng
2006 An Optimal MILP Formulation for the Delay-and Delay Variation-Bounded Multicast Tree Problem Sheu, Pi-Rong; Tsai, Hung-Yuan; Chen, Shao-Chi
2005 P2P 軟體對網路影響之研究 劉大川; 蔡文能; 蔡宗易; 黃威力; 宋嘉銘; 賴俊廷
2006 P2PBLOG: 一個對等式的部落格系統 盧能彬; 陳俊仰
2014-10-12 Paiwan(排灣)祖源及遷徙口傳敘事文學之研究 童信智; Pukiringan‧Paljivuljung
2013-06-01 Pamela中情色禮物的弔詭性 鄭冠榮; Cheng, Kuan-jung
2010-12-04 Paralanguage as conversational implicature : a pragmaticstylistic study of paralinguistic vocal features in the translation of the age of innocence 吳怡萍; Wu, Yi-Ping
2010-09-27 Party Alternation and the Development of Political Human Rights in Taiwan 劉佩怡; Liu, Pei-Yi; 徐淑敏; Hsu, Shu-Min
2010-06-01 Performance Evaluation of Civil Service in Taiwan: Process or Resulted Oriented? Lue, Yu-Chang
2010-11-27 Performance of Cute Ambassadors: The Diplomatic Appropriation of Pop Culture in Japan 佐藤里野

Showing items 201-225 of 1809. (73 Page(s) Totally)
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