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2012-03 Examining the stochastic behavior of REIT returns: Evidence from the regime switching approach Shen, Chung-Hua; Chen, Shyh-Wei; 沈中華
1990 Examining the validity of a test of futures market efficiency: A comment Shen, Chung-Hua; Wang, Lee-Rong; 沈中華
2020-02 Excess volatility and market efficiency in government bond markets: the ASEAN-5 context 林士貴; Lin, Shih-Kuei; Liao , Szu-Lang; Wong, Shao-Jye; Tang, Kin-Boon
1994 Exchange Rate Determination and Exchange Risk Managing Strategies 陳松男
2011-09 Exchange Rate Exposure in the Asian Emerging Markets Lin, Chien-Hsiu; 林建秀
1992 Exchange Rate Policy and Shocks to Asset Markets: The Case of Taiwan in the 1980s Moreno, Ramon; Yin, Norman; 殷乃平
2012 Executive Compensation and Hedging Behavior: Evidence from Taiwan Wu, Ming-Cheng; Liao, Szu-Lang; Huang, Yi-Ting; 廖四郎
2008 Extend the Debt as It Is Not Deeply Out-of-the-Money Chen, Son-Nan; Lee, Shyan-Yuan; Tsai, Hui-Hwang; Wu, Wei-Hsiung; 陳松男
2017 An extension from network DEA to copula-based network SFA: Evidence from the U.S. commercial banks in 2009 黃台心; Huang, Tai-Hsin; Chen, Kuan-Chen; Lin, Chung-I
2009-02 A Factor-Copula Based Valuation of Synthetic CDO-Squared under Stochastic Intensity Liao, Szu-Lang; Chen, Miao-Sheng; Li,Fu-Ching; 廖四郎; 陳淼勝; 李福慶
2010-09 Factors influencing the foreign entry mode of Asian and Latin-American banks Shen, Chung-Hua; Hsieh, Meng-Fen; Lee, Jen-Sin; 沈中華
2017-11 Fair valuation of mortgage insurance under stochastic default and interest rates 林士貴; Wu, Yang-Che; Huang, Yi-Ting; Lin, Shih-Kuei; Chuang, Ming-Che
2001-09 Financial intermediation regime and efficiency in a Boyd-Prescott economy 江永裕; Chiang, Yeong-Yuh; Green, Edward J.
2013-08 Financial Liberalization, Foreign Ownership and Corporate Operational Efficiency: The Case of Taiwan Market 李桐豪; Lee, Tung-Hao; Huang, Jiun-Kai
2000 Financial Reform and Asian Turmoil: Taiwan's Experience Yin, Norman; 殷乃平
1991-10 Financial Reform in Dynamic Asia Economics 殷乃平
2009 Financial Sector Development in the Pacific Rim, East Asia Seminar on Economics, Volume 18 Shen, Chung-Hua; Lin, Mei-Rong; 沈中華
2005 Financial Synergies and Optimal Stock 廖四郎
2013-06 Financing Decision and Productivity Growth for the Venture Capital Industry in Taiwan 黃台心; 林建秀; Chen, Chih-Nan; Huang, Tai-Hsin; Lin,Chien-Hsiu
2014-04 Fleeting Orders Under the Microscope 陳威光; Kuo, Wei-Yu; Lin, Ching-Ting; Chen, Wei-Kuang
1996 Forecasting macroeconomic variables using data of different periodicities Shen, Chung-Hua; 沈中華
2014-01 Foreign Exchange Option Pricing in the Currency Cycle with Jump Risks Lin, Chien-Hsiu; Lin, Shih-Kuei; Wu, An-Chi; 林建秀; 林士貴
1995 Foreign Exchange Risk Premiums and Volatilities of Market Fundamentals 沈中華; Thomas Chiang
2002 Forward-Price and The Implied Spot-Price Tree Method of Option Pricing-with An Application to Extended Vasicek Model 廖四郎; C. W. Wang
2001 The Forward-Pricing Tree Methods of Option Pricing under Gaussian HJM framwork of Stochastic Interest Rates 廖四郎; C. W. Wang

Showing items 201-225 of 1807. (73 Page(s) Totally)
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