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2020-07 Imposing Regularity Conditions to Measure Banks’ Productivity Changes in Taiwan Using a Stochastic Approach 黃台心; Tai‑Hsin Huang; Yi‑Huang Chiu; Chih‑Ying Mao
1978-04 Incentive Policies for Import Substitution and Export Expansion in the Republic of China 梁國樹; 侯金英
1997-01 Inflation and Capital Accumulation in a Two-Sector Cash-in-Advance Economy Huo, Teh-Ming; 霍德明
2017 Influences of Quantitative Easing Policy on Volatility and Correlation among Asian Financial Markets 廖四郎; Liao, Szu-Lang; Lin, Chien-Hsiu; Lai, Chia-Wei; Lin, Jung-Hsuan
1994-09 Information Technology,Market Efficiency and System Regulation :An Emprical Study of The Taiwan Stock Market Surveillance System 陳威光
2015 The Information Transmission Effect and Asset Prices: Evidence from the China B-Share Discount Liao, Szu-Lang; Tsai, Tsung-Ying; 廖四郎; 蔡宗穎
2015-01 Information Transmission of International Stock Market and Domestic Futures Market: Evidence from Taiwan Stock Market 廖四郎; Tsai, Tsung-Ying; Lian, Yu-Min; Liao, Szu-Lang
2008 International Financial Issues in the Pacific Rim: Global Imbalances, Financial Liberalization, and Exchange Rate Policy (NBER-EASE Volume 17) Shen, Chung-Hua; Liang, Ching-Yang; Wang, Lee-Rong; 沈中華
1996 International real interest rate parity with error correction models 陳松男; Jong-Cook Byun; Son-Nan Chen
1993-12 An Investigation of Stock Index Option Prices during the 1987 Stock Crash 陳威光
2014-09 Investment of Foreign Financial Institutions in China Banking Sector: A Survival Model Analysis 張惠龍; 吳壽山; 廖四郎; Chang,Hui-Lung; Wu,Sou-Shan; Liao,Szu-Lang
2021-11 Investment Styles and the Multiple Testing of Cross-Sectional Stock Return Predictability 羅秉政; KendroVincent; Hsu, Yu-Chin; Lin, Hsiou-Wei
2005 Investor protection, prospect theory, and earnings management: An international comparison of the banking industry Shen, Chung-Hua; Chih, Hsiang-Lin; 沈中華
2011 IPO期初報酬影響因素探討: 以2005-2011年台灣上市企業為例 林鼎堯
2006 Is there a duration dependence in Taiwan's business cycles? Shen, Chung-Hua; Chen, Shyh-Wei; 沈中華
2006 Joint estimation of technical efficiency and production risk for multi-output banks under a panel data cost frontier model 黃台心; 高棟梁; Huang, Tai-Hsin; Kao,Tong-Liang
2017 Joint estimation of the Lerner index and cost efficiency using copula methods Huang, Tai-Hsin; Liu, Nan-Hung; Kumbhakar, Subal C.; 黃台心
2018-03 Joint estimation of the Lerner index and cost efficiency using copula methods Huang, Tai-Hsin; 黃台心; Liu, Nan-Hung; Kumbhakar, Subal C.
2012-06 Joint Study on Commercial Banks' Risk Preferences and Technical Efficiency in Six East Asian Countries Huang, Tai-Hsin; Chang, Hsing-Hua; Tsai, Yun-Tien; 黃台心; 張興華; 蔡昀恬
2002 A joint test of the rational expectations-permanent income hypothesis under seasonal cointegration 黃台心; Huang,Tai-Hsin
2007 The Key Role Penalty Played 江彌修
2009-08 The LeChatelier principle in a DEA model 陳亞為; 黃台心; Chen, Yah-Wei; Huang, Tai-Hsin
2004-09 Legal restrictions and sunspots: A further inquiry on the real-bills doctrine versus the quantity theory debate Chuang, S.-F.; Huo, Teh Ming; 霍德明
2010-01 Lévy與GARCH-Lévy過程之選擇權評價與實證分析:台灣加權股價指數選擇權為例 林士貴; Lin, Shih-Kuei; 吳仰哲; Lin, S. K.; Wu, Yang-Che;  廖四郎; Liao, Szu-Lang
2010-01 Lévy與GARCH-Lévy過程之選擇權評價與實證分析:臺灣加權股價指數選擇權為例 吳仰哲; 廖四郎; 林士貴; Wu, Yang-Che; Liao, Szu-Lang; Lin, Shih-Kuei

Showing items 251-275 of 1807. (73 Page(s) Totally)
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