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2020-04 Risk Management of Deposit Insurance Corporations with Risk-Based Premiums and Credit Default Swaps 林士貴; Lin, Shih-Kuei; Wu, Yang-Che; Chen, Ting-Fu
2017 Risk of Internationalization on Taiwan Banking Industry 李桐豪; Lee, Tung-Hao; Chih, Shu-Hwa; Cheng, Yu-Chun; 遲淑華
1988-04 ROC-U.S. Trade Relations from a Financial Perspective 梁國樹; 侯金英
2016-01 The Role of Momentum, Sentiment, and Economic Fundamentals in Forecasting Bear Stock Market 羅秉政; KendroVincent; Chen, Yi-ting
2018-04 The Role of US Variables in Long-Run and Short-Run Taiwan Stock Volatility 趙世偉; Chao, Shih-Wei
2010-04 Roles played by financial development in economic growth: application of the flexible regression model Shen, Chung-Hua; Lee, Chien-Chiang; Chen, Shyh-Wei; Xie, Zixiong; 沈中華
2000 Rome Did not Collapse in A Day: Continued Corporate Distress As the Core of the Third Generation Model 沈中華
2000 Rome Did Not Collapse in A Day–The Continued Corporate Distress As the Core of the Third Generation Model 沈中華
2016 S&P500波動度的預測 - 考慮狀態轉換與指數風險中立偏態及VIX期貨之資訊內涵 黃郁傑; Huang, Yu Jie
2009 SABR模型與SABR-LMM模型之實證分析 毛迦南; Mau,Cha-Nan
2006 Same Financial Development Yet Different Economic Growth: Why? Shen, Chung-Hua; Lee, Chien-Chiang; 沈中華
2002-11 Seasonal Cointegration and Cross-Equation Restrictions on a Forward Looking Buffer Stock Model of Money Demand 黃台心; Huang,Tai-Hsin; Shen,Chung-Hua
2002 Seasonal cointegration and cross-equation restrictions on a forward-looking buffer stock model of money demand Shen, Chung-Hua; Huang, Tai-Hsin; 沈中華
2011 Securitization and Tranching Longevity and House Price Risk for Reverse Mortgage Products 楊曉文; Yang, Sharon S.
2017-03 Securitization, House Prices, and Bank Lending Standards. (In Chinese. With English summary.) 張興華; Chiang, Yeong-Yuh; Chang, Hsing-Hua; Tseng, Ping-Lun
2008-06 A Semiparametric Approach to the Estimation of the Stochastic Frontier Model with Time Variant Technical Efficiency 鄧文舜; 黃台心; Deng, Wen-Shuenn; Huang, Tai-Hsin
1999-05 SIMEX 台灣股價指數期貨與國內基金之套利交易 朱浩民
1997-03 A Simple Model on Competition and Coordination with Vertically Integrated Rivals 江永裕; Jyh-Horng Leu
2015-06 A Simulation Study of Risk Measure and Dynamic Financial Analysis for Flood Insurance: An Example of Taiwan Keelung River District 楊曉文; Yang, Sharon S.; 黃雅文
2007 A sneeze in the U.S., a cough in Japan, but pneumonia in Taiwan? An application of the Markov-Switching vector autoregressive model Shen, Chung-Hua; Chen, Chien-Fu; Andy Wang, Chien-an; 沈中華
2019-10 The sources of pricing factors underlying the cross-section of currency returns 林建秀; Lin, Chien-Hsiu; Chen, Chih-Nan
2013-08 Spatial and Temporal Effects of High-Speed Rail on House Prices – A Case of Kaohsiung City 廖四郎; 陳靜宜; Liao, Szu-Lang; Chen, Jing-Yi
2017-06 The spillover effects of US unconventional monetary policy on the Taiwanese economy 張興華; Chang, Hsing-Hua; Chen, KuanChieh
2004-12 Split Awards in the Presence of Default Risk Wei-jen Wen; 張興華
2015-07 State-dependent jump risks for American gold futures option pricing 廖四郎; Lian, Yu-Min; Liao, Szu-Lang; Chen, Jun-Home

Showing items 401-425 of 1812. (73 Page(s) Totally)
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