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1999 Equity Style Classification: the Reasoning Neural Backward Propagation 沈中華
2007-09 Equity swaps in a LIBOR market model Wu, T.-P.; Chen, Son-Nan; 陳松男
2000 Equity-Style Classification and Investing Strategy: The Application of Artificial Neural Networks Shen, Chung-Hua; 沈中華
2022-03 ESG Momentum Strategies: A Comparison between Taiwanese and Japanese Markets 楊曉文; Yang, Sharon S.; Chen, Hong-Yi; Hsu, Chun-Huei
2021 ESG評級分數對日經225指數個別公司風險之研究 張誠允; Chang, Cheng-Yun
2021 ESG評級收斂之探討 : 以三間評級公司為例 余彥良; Yu, Yan-Liang
2005 Essays on Contingent Claims Pricing Subject to Credit Risk 黃星華; Huang,Hsing-Hua
2010 Estimating banking cost efficiency with the consideration of cost management Shen, Chung-Hua; Chen, Ting-Hsuan; 沈中華
2001-06 Estimating Scale and Scope Economies with Fourier Flexible Functional Form—Evidence from Taiwan’s Banking Industry 黃台心; 王美惠; Huang,Tai-hsin; Wang, Mei-hui
2007 Estimating the impact of exchange-rate uncertainty on unemployment in developing Asian countries Shen, Chung-Hua; Ting, Chung-Te; Chang, Shu-Chen; 沈中華
2000 Estimating X-Efficiency in Taiwanese Banking Using a Translog Shadow Profit Function 黃台心; Huang,Tai-Hsin
2000 Estimation of a Taiwan monetary reaction function with time varying parameters Shen, Chung-Hua; 沈中華
2010-06 Estimation of Housing Price Jump Risks and Impact on the Valuation of Mortgage Insurance Contacts Chen, Ming-Chi; Chang, Chia-Chien; Lin, Shih-Kuei; Shyu, D.; 林士貴
2002 Estimation of Taiwan’s binary monetary policy reaction function Shen, Chung-Hua; 沈中華
2003 Estimation of Technical and Allocative Inefficiency Using the Fourier Flexible Cost Frontiers for Taiwan''s Banking Industry 黃台心; 王美惠; Huang,Tai-hsin; Wang, Mei-hui
2012-06 Estimation Risk and Optimal Portfolio Construction in a Lognormal Market 湯美玲; 陳松男; 江彌修; Tang,Mei-Ling; Chen,Son-Nan; Chiang,Mi-Hsiu
2017-02 Evaluating efficiencies of Chinese commercial banks in the context of stochastic multistage technologies Huang, Tai-Hsin; Lin, Chung-I; Chen, Kuan-Chen; 黃台心
2010 Evaluating Quantile Reserve for Equity-Linked Insurance under a Stochastic Volatility Model: Long-Memory vs. Short-Memory 楊曉文; Yang, Sharon S.
2005-09 Evaluation of Interest Tax Policies in a Model of Finance and Growth 陳明郎; 江永裕; 王平; Chen, Been-Lon; Chiang, Yeong-Yuh; Wang, Ping
1999 The evaluation of option when the underlying asset prices under price limits 陳威光
2015-12 An Evaluation of Technical Efficiencies for the Top 100 Public Accounting Firms in China 黃台心; Chang, Bao-Guang; Huang, Tai-Hsin; Wang, Hsiu-Mei
1992 An Evaluation of the Performance of Financial Futures Markets:A Cross Country,Cross Market Study 朱浩民; Chu, Hau-Min
2008 Evidence of a nonlinear relationship between inflation and inflation uncertainty: The case of the four little dragons Shen, Chung-Hua; Chen, Shyh-Wei; Xie, Zixiong; 沈中華
2007 Evidence of the duration-dependence from the stock markets in the Pacific Rim economies Shen, Chung-Hua; Chen, Chien-Fu; 沈中華
2010 An Examination on the Cost Efficiency of the Banking Industry under Multiple Output Prices' Uncertainty Huang, Tai-Hsin; Liao, Ying-Ting; Chiang, Li-Chih; 黃台心; 廖盈婷; 姜麗智

Showing items 176-200 of 1807. (73 Page(s) Totally)
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