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Title: 中美洲的貿易與衝突及其對貝里斯與瓜地馬拉的意涵 ( 2001 -2013)
Trade and Conflict in Central America: The Implication on Belize and Guatemala (2001-2013)
Authors: 羅美珊
Rodriguez, Melissa Nicole
Contributors: 張文揚
Chang, Wen Yang
Rodriguez, Melissa Nicole
Keywords: 貿易
Central America
Date: 2014
Issue Date: 2015-07-01 15:07:02 (UTC+8)
Abstract: 多年來的中美洲領土爭端的進展,中央美洲國家已成功地將其與時間的措施減少的邊境軍事化的可能性糾紛。
Over the years of progression of the Central American territorial disputes, the Central
American nations have successfully incorporated measures which have with time reduced the
possibilities of militarize boarder disputes. This research explores whether or not the argument
that trade reduces the likelihood of territorial conflict applies to the case of Central America. An
illustrative case study and a time-series cross-dyads GEE (Generalized Estimating Equations)
model applied to analyze the impact of trade on territorial conflict in Central America; were used
to conclude that higher trade interdependence between two countries decrease the likelihood of
militarized conflict.
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December 08, 2014
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