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Title: 連結成人教育與社會運動之探討:以NGO社區組織為例
Other Titles: The Linkage Between Adult Education and Social Movement: On NGO’s Community Organization
Authors: 林邦文
Contributors: 教育學院
Keywords: 社會運動;社會運動學習;非政府組織
Social movement;social movement learning;NGO
Date: 2010-01-16
Issue Date: 2015-12-24 15:23:40 (UTC+8)
Abstract: 本文的目的,是從成人教育的觀點來探索社會運動中的學習。在成人教育的發展進程中,社會行動是其重要的哲學傳統之一。社會運動可以創造參與者的認同、生活方式的改變或再確認,是發展公民社會的門徑之一。本文以文獻整理的方法,將發展脈絡與過程不同的新舊社會運動做比較,檢視參與社會運動領導者的實踐,以及社會運動中行動與意識覺醒的關係,並探討社會運動中的學習,研究成人教育產生知識的可能性。最後本文探討非政府組織以新社會運動的形式,在成人學習上扮演重要的角色。研究者認為,社會運動與成人教育之間的關係需要更多的實證研究,以尋找權力不平等前提下成人教育的出路。目前有許多社會運動團體已經打開了對話的空間,例如:現在世界上沒有政府不考慮生態問題,這樣其實就是Ulrich Beck 所謂「次政治」(subpolitics) 在實現民主化的過程中發揮了作用。本文發現,非政府組織中的非正規學習與社會運動學習,其由下向上所形成的獨特社會力,可以作為推動終身學習以及型塑公民社會的參考。從成人教育的角度來看,社會運動將提高成人教育工作者的本土或全球化反思,增加或打開對話民主與創造協同合作的空間,亦及社會力轉化成教育力的豐富機會。
The purpose of this study is to explore various kinds of learning in social movement from the adult education’s point of view. Among the development process of adult education, social action is the important philosophy tradition. Social movement can create the participant's recognition of himself or herself, life style change or reconfirmation. Social movement is now becoming one of Civil Society’s entering paths. This study is by means of sorting literatures to compare both the old and new social movements that are having different thread of thoughts and processes, to evaluate the possibility of utilizing implementations by social movement leaders, the relation between taking action and awakening with consciousness and the learning during social movement etc. to produce knowledge in the adult education. This study finally probe into the important role that NGO is playing in adult education, in the form of New Society Movement. The researcher thinks the relation between social movement and adult education needs more conformation studies, this is the searching of new or better way out for adult education on the premise of power inequality. Today, a lot of social movement groups have already opened the dialogue space to the government, for example now in the world there aren't any governments not consider eco problem, such organizations are Ulrich Beck so-called subpolitics which play a main role during the process of implementing democratization. This study finds the unique social strength formed from bottom to top in the informal study and learning of social movement in the NGO can be utilized as reference for promoting lifetime study and modeling civil society. The meaning of social movement to adult education is that it will improve adult educators' awareness of localization and/or globalization, increase or open the dialogue of democracy and create space of coordination with the cooperative; it also is a good opportunity to transform social power into educational power.
Relation: 2010年社區學習國際學術研討會論文集:社區學習的未來想像
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