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2007-01 Retiring Sun Yat-sen 朱靜華
2004-04 Review: Elisabeth Hsu (ed.) Innovation in Chinese Medicine Needham Research Institute Series No. 3 Cambridge University Press 2001 陳秀芬
2008 Review: L. Ann Jervis, At the Heart of the Gospel: Suffering in the Earliest Christian Message 崔國瑜; Tsui, Kuo-Yu
1989 The Russians in Xinjiang: From immigrants to national minority Benson, Linda; Svanberg, Ingvar; 楊邊琳
2015-01 Schools, Temples, and Tombs across the Sea: The Re-Civilization of Post-Zheng Taiwan, 1683–1722 雷恩‧侯洛伊德; Holroyd, Ryan
2013 Shaping Perception of the Second World War: A Study of Textbooks in Taiwan in the 1940s 藍適齊; Lan, Shichi Mike
2021-03 The shift from indirect to direct trade between China and South Asia, 1684–1740 雷恩‧侯洛伊德; Holroyd, Ryan
1993-11 Shih-tao's Ink Bamboos 朱靜華
2007-12 The Sino-Soviet Conference, 1924-1927 Tang Qihua; 唐啟華
2014 A slow take on film Eaton, Joseph; 周一騰
1978-05 Soame Jenyns And Samuel Johnson: The Social Application of Theodicy And Its Opponent(1-2) 江金太
2009 Some Observations on the Use of the Future in Rom 6,5.8 崔國瑜
2010 The Soteriological Meaning of Baptism (Rom 6:3; Gal 3:27) in Light of Pauline Apocalyptic 崔國瑜
The Southern Academic Network” of Modern China’s Historiography (1911-1945) 彭明輝
2021-01 Spiritual Mother and Intellectual Sons: Emma Goldman and Young Chinese Anarchists 許慧琦; Hsu, Rachel Hui-chi
1998-06 Standardized Time: The Adoption of Standard Time System in Taiwan During the Japanese Colonial Rule 1895-1945 呂紹理
2010-07 The Study of Medical History in Taiwan, 1990-2010 陳秀芬
2014-07 Symbol of democracy Eaton, Joseph; 周一騰
2014-01 Taiwanese in China and their multiple identities, 1931—1945 藍適齊; Lan, Shichi Mike
2011-01 This babe-in-arms': Joseph de Maistre's critique of America 周一騰; Eaton, Joseph
2017-12 To Nationalize the Past: The Discourse of &quot;5,000 Year-Long&quot; National History in Modern China 楊瑞松
2020-06 To Nationalize the Past:The Discourse of “5,000-Year-Long” National History in Modern China 楊瑞松; Yang, Jui-Sung
2017-09 Tone Acquisition at the One-Word Stage in Taiwan Mandarin : A corpus study 萬依萍; Wan, I-Ping; Yang, Han-Chieh
2005-08 Tradition and Modernity in the Modern Chinese Eugenic Discourse 楊瑞松
Traditionalism in Modern Chinese Painting Reconsidered 朱靜華

Showing items 126-150 of 2496. (100 Page(s) Totally)
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