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2009 Transformation through the Divine Glory in Christ’s Death and Resurrection: Rom 6:5 and Phil 3:10,21 in Light of Pauline Mysticism 崔國瑜
2012-03 A transitional Taiwanese writer Eaton, Joseph; 周一騰
2019-01 Trapped between Imperial Ruins: Internment and Repatriation of the Taiwanese in Postwar Asia-Pacific 藍適齊; Lan, Shichi Mike
2005-08 The Union of Self and the Cosmos: The Origin and the Rule of the “Jinshu(禁術)” Practice in Occult Materials of Traditional China 金仕起
2021-07 Using Female Body Drugs for Healings and Longevity in Late Ming China 陳秀芬; Chen, Hsiu-fen
2009-12 The Vendée War and the Identity of the French Revolution 林弘毅; Lin, Hong-Yi
1978 The Village Elder System of the Early Ming Dynasty 張哲郎
2012-12 Visual representation and oral transmission of yangsheng techniques in Ming china 陳秀芬; Chen, Hsiu-fen
2008-12 Weaving Clothes into Rhetoric: Elizabeth’s Language of Clothing 林香美
2017-10 Whatever happened to those villains of the Indian seas? The happy retirement of the Madagascar pirates, 1698–1721 雷恩‧侯洛伊德; Holroyd, Ryan
2005-08 When doctors met monsters: a survey of scholarly physicians’ attitudes towards “demonic affliction” in 15th-18th century China 陳秀芬; Chen, Hsiu-fen
2017-11 Where Does the “Lion” Come From? On the Origin of Liang Qichao’s “Sleeping Lion” Symbol 楊瑞松; Yang, Jui-sung
2014-01 Why Were There No Great Chinese Paintings in American Museums Before the Twentieth Century 朱靜華; Ju, Jane C.
2009-09 Writing the body techniques for prolonging life in 16th-17th century China: why and how? 陳秀芬
2021-11 »Rassen« und »Individuen« in der Geschichtsschreibung von Ludwig Riess 陳致宏; Chen, Chih-hung
2012-12 ‘Baptized into His Death’ (Rom 6:3) and ‘Clothed with Christ’ (Gal 3:27): The Soteriological Meaning of Baptism in Light of Pauline Apocalyptic 崔國瑜; TSUI, KUO-YU
2014-12 《中日修好條規》與甲午戰爭——以修約交涉為中心 廖敏淑
2016 「台籍戰犯」、帝國崩解、與戰後國際秩序的重構: 台灣二戰史與「殖民戰爭責任」 的新思考, 以及一併進行的建立「台籍戰犯」資料庫 藍適齊
2015-12 「帝國」(未盡)的殖民/戰爭責任:二戰後在香港被拘留遣返的臺灣平民 藍適齊
2017-11 アヘン戦争期間において対外交渉の場所としていた 寺廟 廖敏淑; Liao, Min-Shu
2008 シンガポールの終戦と「独立」 藍適齊; Lan, Shichi Mike
2009-12 ストロングマン権威主義体制の変容と蒋経国の政治改革をめぐる歴史的評価 薛化元
1970-12 一九七○年英國大選期間的民意測驗 閻沁恆
1997-05 一九三○年代中國的糧食運銷組織 呂紹理
2005 一九五○、六○年代反攻論述的形成與嬗變(1949-1971) 薛化元

Showing items 151-175 of 2496. (100 Page(s) Totally)
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