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Title: 信仰的創新發展:以新北市召會永和區為例
Other Titles: The innovating development of Faith:A Case Study on Young-Ho district, the church in New Taipei City
Authors: 范俊銘
Fan, Chun-Ming
Contributors: 國立政治大學邁向頂尖大學計畫創新研究團隊
Keywords: 信仰;創新發展;新北市召會;永和區;基督教
Faith;innovating development;the church in New Taipei City;Yong-He district, Christinity
Date: 2014-11-15
Issue Date: 2016-01-06 10:55:18 (UTC+8)
Abstract: 本文以新北市召會永和區作為個案研究對象,探討個案的歷史演進與相對於臺灣的宗教市場上,其創新發展之處,對信眾與其周遭的社會團體,帶進信仰的創新價值,提供信眾更美好的心靈生活。本研究發現,新北市召會永和區的信仰活動,繫於追求性、發展性、相調性、創新性等諸多面向,在倡導信仰教義之外,該組織亦非常著重入世的超越面向,不以隱居山林、不問世事為導向,反以諸多創新性的營運模式,作為組織永續經營的機制,使之有別於其他宗教團體。在臺灣宗教市場的有限版圖下,面對傳統信仰和外來新興宗教等多面環境衝擊,永和區會所仍具有相當的會眾,並組織出發展的獨特性,且能順應時勢和時代潮流,得不同年齡層的社會分子,且多數是學齡或學齡前的兒童,其創新規格自有其獨特之處。本文歸納出其研究目的是:永和區會所在固守信仰教條之下,對於兒童工作的擴展加入新的元素,其創新策略與原有的信眾協調,使模式發展能一再更新,因應時事的變化而有創新的調整。對於本研究,期許能發現出創新研究的實用性,對於不同層面的需求,使創新能多方面的應用,共創新思想與新觀點的研發,達到社會實踐的多元化。
We take the church in New Taipei City, Yong-He district as a case study in this paper, discussing the history evolution of this case and its innovative development relates to the religion market in Taiwan. That ushers in the innovative value of faith, providing the believers better spiritual life to the believers and their surrounding social groups comparatively.    This study finds out that the believing activities in Yong-He district of the church in New Taipei City, relating to the pursuiting, developing, blending, innovating directions and so on. In addition to advocating the doctrine of faith, this organization also cares on the worldly matters very much, not take the orientation of keeping away from the worldly matters. Taking numbers of innovative model of operation as the mechanism for sustainable management, which is different from other religious groups. In the limited territory of Taiwan religious market, under the multi- environmental impacts like the traditional religious belief and foreign emerging religion, Yong-He district still has a considerable congregation and organized a uniqueness of development. That can adapt to the times and its trend, gaining social people in different ages, whose are school-age or preschool children mostly. Its innovative specification has own uniqueness. This paper summarizes the research purpose is : Yong-He district adds the new elements for the expansion of children work under sticking the believing doctrine. Its innovative strategies is coordinate with the original congregations, enabling the model can develop once again in response to the changes in current events and innovative adjustments. Concerning this study, hoping to discover the usefulness of innovative research to different levels of demand. For innovation can make application in wide range, researching to create the new ideas and perspectives, to achieve multi-diversification of social practices.
Relation: 創新研究國際學術研討會
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