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Title: 浅析创新活动中的人性假设
Other Titles: Analysis the Humanity Hypothesis in the Innovation Activities
Authors: 张天波
Zhang, Tianbo
Contributors: 國立政治大學邁向頂尖大學計畫創新研究團隊
Keywords: 巧创新;创新;信息复杂全息人;硬创新;渺观创新
clever(qiao) innovation;hard(ying) innovation;innovation;information complex holographic person;littoscopic(miaoguan) innovation
Date: 2014-11-15
Issue Date: 2016-01-06 10:58:03 (UTC+8)
Abstract: 人是构成社会系统或其他人文系统的核心要素,“人性假设”是现代管理科学研究和任何创新活动的逻辑起点和理论基础。经济人、理性人、社会人、成就人等形成了“人性假设丛林”,这些假设仅仅把人当作理性的、整体性的、抽象性的“主体”来看待。在当今的信息时代,人类个体可以看作是一个“巨复杂自适应智能系统”——“信息复杂全息人”(ICHP);硬要素、软要素、巧要素构成人体的“三要素”;因此,创新可分为“硬创新”、“软创新”和“巧创新”3大类。物质性的创新可称为“硬创新”;事件性的创新则称为“软创新”;信息性的创新就是“巧创新”。创新的本质是信息增殖或称为“巧创新”。ICHP具有量子性、信息性、全息性、悖论性、涌现性等特性。
“Person” is the core elements that constitute the social systems and other humanities systems, “Humanity hypothesis” is a logical starting point and the theoretical foundation of modern management science and any innovation activities, economic man, rational man, social man , self-actualizing man formed a “human hypothesis jungle” ,these assumptions only the “human self” as a rational, holistic, abstract “subject” to look at. In today's information age, the human individuals can be seen as a “giant complex adaptive intelligent systems” (GCAIS)- “Complex Holographic Information Person” (ICHP) hypothesis. “Hard elements” , “soft elements” and “clever elements” constitute the body's “three elements”.Therefore, innovation can be divided into “hard (ying) innovation”, “soft (ruan) innovation” and “clever (qiao) innovation”, three categories. Materiality innovation can be called “hard (ying) innovation”; events (shi) innovation is called “soft (ruan) innovation”; informational innovation is a “ clever (qiao) innovation”. the essence of innovation is the proliferation of information,which is called “clever (qiao) innovation”.In addition to integrity, abstract, rational characteristics, “information complex holographic person” also has quantum nature, informational feature ,holographic, paradox, emergence and other characteristics.
Relation: 創新研究國際學術研討會
Data Type: conference
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