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Title: 以資料庫為核心之超文件應用系統設計與開發
Database-Centric Hypertext Applications Design and Development
Authors: 王漪萍
Wang, I-Ping
Contributors: 諶家蘭
Seng, Jia-Lang
Wang, I-Ping
Keywords: Web and Database
Hypermedia Design
Hypertext Applications
Date: 2000
Issue Date: 2016-03-31 15:43:34 (UTC+8)
Abstract: 隨著WWW從單純的資訊傳播管道演進到可作為企業應用的平台,以Web為導向的電腦應用已被企業視為是最具競爭力的武器。基於WWW潛在的龐大商業利益,有越來越多的組織或個人想建立自己的網站,在Internet上發展企業對企業或企業對個人的應用程式。如何設計Web應用系統已成為最重要的課題。然而目前Web程式的開發方法混亂而且沒有標準化,有些建置方式並沒有依循系統分析與設計的原則。簡而言之,我們需要特別的方法與工具來支援超文件系統的開發。所以本研究希望找到一個結構化的步驟與流程來開發以資料庫為核心的超文件應用系統,此外還會製作一套可以支援超文件應用系統設計流程的工具軟體雛形。
As World Wide Web has evolved from the simple delivery mechanism to a platform for complex business applications, Web-based business computing is already seen as a new competitive business weapon. The potential commercial payoff of WWW results in more and more organizations or people want to construct their own web sites, developing business-to-business or business-to-consumer applications upon the Internet. Designing Web applications has become the serious issue. However, current methods of designing and modeling hypertext applications are still in chaos and keeps ad-hoc nature. Some of the development methods lack serious system analysis and design. In a word, we need special methods and tools to support the development of hypertext applications. Therefore, this research intends to present a structured approach, a step-by-step procedure for developing database-centric hypertext applications. In addition, this paper will implement a tool kit system prototype to support the process of design hypertext applications.
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