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Title: 黃哲倫三劇中文化認同的轉變
The Change of Cultural Identity in Three Plays by David Henry Hwang
Authors: 盛業瑋
Sheng, Yueh-Wei
Contributors: 姜翠芬
Jiang, Tsui-Fen
Sheng, Yueh-Wei
Keywords: 黃哲倫
David Henry Hwang
Cultural Identity
Date: 2001
Issue Date: 2016-04-15 15:58:44 (UTC+8)
Abstract: 本篇論文主要探討黃哲倫在《剛下船的新移民》、《如鴉而飛》、及《尋找唐人街》這三個劇作中,處理「文化認同」主題的轉變。這三個劇作分別代表黃哲倫創作生涯的三階段,即初期─華裔美國文化認同、中期─華裔美人漂泊離散的文化認同、以及晚近─華裔美國文化認同的多元文化未來。同時,將援引德希達的「主體觀」、傅柯的「對抗記憶」、霍爾的「文化認同」概念、哈伯馬斯的「包含他者」、以及學者對多元文化的討論等,並應用於文本之分析與探討。本論文共分為五個章節。第一章略述黃哲倫的三個劇作以及所採用的理論。第二章討論作者如何在《剛下船的新移民》中剖析華裔美國文化認同。第三章探討《如鴉而飛》中老一輩華裔美人漂泊離散的文化認同狀態。第四章側重於作者在《尋找唐人街》□所勾勒出的多元文化未來之希望與遠景。最後一章則回顧前述四章中的劇作及理論,並總結黃哲倫在三個作品中對於「認同」看法的轉變及其詮釋。
In this study of David Henry Hwang's three plays FOB, As The Crow Flies, and Trying to Find Chinatown, I would like to explore the change of his attitude toward identity issue. These three plays represent the three stages of his writing career:first, the early stage of Chinese American identity; second, the maturing stage of the traveling cultural identity for Chinese American; third, the latest stage of a multicultural future for Chinese American identity. In my study, I apply several theories for the theoretic approach in this thesis, such as Jacque Derrida's "subject," Michael Foucault's "counter-memory," Stuart Hall's concept of identity, Jurgen Habermas's "inclusion of the Other," and Michael Omi's and Angela Davis's multicultural viewpoints toward ethnicity. The thesis is divided into five chapters. The first chapter aims at a general introduction to the three stages of the playwright's career and to the theories employed for textual analysis. The second chapter is the discussion on the work of his early stage-Chinese American identity in FOB. In the third chapter, I will analyze the traveling identity for early Chinese American in As The Crow Flies. In the fourth chapter, I will stress Hwang's latest production of a promising multicultural future for Chinese American identity in Trying to Find Chinatown. Finally in my concluding chapter, I would like to review the changes of Hwang's concepts in these three plays with regard to cultural identity and offer his own interpretation for new and hopeful Chinese American identity.
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