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Title: 利用計算矩陣特徵值的方法求多項式的根
Finding the Roots of a Polynomial by Computing the Eigenvalues of a Related Matrix
Authors: 賴信憲
Contributors: 王太林
Keywords: 傳統解多項式的方法
polynomial root-finding
symmetric tridiagonal matrix
QR algorithm
Date: 2000
Issue Date: 2016-04-18 16:31:43 (UTC+8)
Abstract: 我們將原本求只有實根的多項式問題轉換為利用QR方法求一個友矩陣(companion matrix)或是對稱三對角(symmetric tridiagonal matrix)的特徵值問題,在數值測試中顯示出利用傳統演算法去求多項式的根會比求轉換過後矩陣特徵值的方法較沒效率。
Given a polynomial pn(x) of degree n with real roots, we transform the problem of finding all roots of pn (x) into a problem of finding the eigenvalues of a companion matrix or of a symmetric tridiagonal matrix, which can be done with the QR algorithm. Numerical testing shows that finding the roots of a polynomial by standard algorithms is less efficient than by computing the eigenvalues of a related matrix.
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