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Title: Construction of Minimal Partially Replicated Orthogonal Main-Effect Plans with 3 Factors
Authors: 朱正中
Chu, Cheng-Chung
Contributors: 郎冰瑩
Lin, Bin-Ying
Chu, Cheng-Chung
Keywords: 正交主效應計畫
Orthogonal main-effect plans
Replicated runs
Factorial plans
Latin square
Mutually orthogonal Latin squares
Date: 2000
Issue Date: 2016-04-18 16:31:48 (UTC+8)
Abstract: 正交主效應計畫(Orthogonal main-effect plans)因可無相關地估計主效應,故常被應用於一般工業上作為篩選因子之用。然而,實驗通常費時耗財。因此,如何設計一個較經濟且有效的計劃是很重要的。回顧過去相關的研究,Jacroux (1992)提供了最小正交主效應計劃的充份條件及正交主效應計畫之最少實驗次數表(Jacroux 1992),張純明(1998)針對此表提出修正與補充。在此,我們再次的補足此表。
Orthogonal main-effect plans (OMEP's), being able to estimate the main effects without correlation, are often employed in industrial situations for screening purpose. But experiments are expensive and time consuming. When an economical and efficient design is desired, a minimal orthogonal main-effect plans is a good choice. Jacroux (1992) derived a sufficient condition for OEMP's to have minimal number of runs and provided a table of minimal OMEP run numbers. Chang (1998) corrected and supplemented the table. In this paper, we try to improve the table to its perfection.
Reference: 英文文獻
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