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Title: 一個以物件導向語言描繪的分散式異質性資料庫管理系統模式
Using an Object-Oriented Language to Model Distributed Heterogeneous Database Management Systems
Authors: 李臻勳
Li, Zhen Xun
Contributors: 張宏慶
Zhang, Hong Qing
Li, Zhen Xun
Date: 1995
Issue Date: 2016-04-29 16:00:09 (UTC+8)
Abstract:   一個分散式異質性資料庫系統包含異質性及自主性資料庫系統,而聯合資料庫管理系統模式就是用來管理這個分散式異質性資料庫系統。
  A distributed heterogeneous database system consists of heterogeneous but autonomous database systems. A federated database management system (FDBMS) model is used to manage distributed heterogeneous systems. In this thesis, we use an object-oriented language, C++, to model a federated database management system that can be used to describe the tasks and operations of the federated database management systems. We call this model as object-oriented federated database management systems (OO-FDBMS) model. Before modeling the federated heterogeneous database management systems, we introduce the model of OO-FDBMS, the taxonomy of data models and the FDBMS system architecture that is to be modeled to facilitate our object-oriented design, and the federated data management system development tasks and operations to facilitate our object-oriented modeling.
  1.1 Background-----2
    1.1.1 Federated Database Management System-----2
    1.1.2 Taxonomy of Traditional Data Model-----3
    1.1.3 Object-Oriented Data Model-----4
  1.2 System Architecture-----4
    1.2.1 FDBMS System Architecture-----5
    1.2.2 Processor Types in the FDBMS Architecture-----7
    1.2.3 Schema Types in the FDBMS Architecture-----7
  1.3 Related Work-----8
2.Federated Database Management Systems Development Tasks and Operations-----10
  2.1 Federated Database Management Systems Development Tasks-----10
    2.1.1 Distribution-----10
    2.1.2 Heterogeneity-----11
    2.1.3 Autonomy-----14
    2.1.4 Schema Translation-----16
    2.1.5 Access Control-----19
    2.1.6 Negotiation-----22
    2.1.7 Schema Integration-----23
  2.2 Federated Database Management Systems Development Operations-----26
    2.2.1 Query to the Distributed Database System-----26
    2.2.2 Command Transformation-----27
    2.2.3 Transaction Management in the Distributed Environment: Two Phase-Commit Control-----30
3.Schema Translation of FDBMS-----33
  3.1 CODASYL Schema to Relational Schema-----35
  3.2 Schema Translation between Object-Oriented Schema and Relational Schema-----31
    3.2.1 Object-Oriented Schema to Relational Schema-----37
    3.2.2 Relational Schema to Object-Oriented Schema-----41
  3.3 ER Mapping Algorithms-----43
    3.3.1 ER-to-Network Mapping Algorithm-----44
    3.3.2 ER-to-Hierarchical Mapping Algorithm-----44
    3.3.3 ER-to-Relational Mapping Algorithm-----46
    3.3.4 ER-to-EERMapping Algorithm-----48
    3.3.5 ER-to-OO Mapping Algorithm-----48
4.Modeling OO-FDBMS-----50
  4.l Object Model of OO-FDBMS-----5
  4.2 Dynamic System-----53
  4.3 Modeling OO-FDBMS in C++-----56
5.Conclusion and Future Work-----92
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Data Type: thesis
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