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1996-09 Integration of Chinese Communities: Mainland China & Taiwan 趙建民
1996 Integration of Chinese Communities: Mainland China & Taiwan 趙建民
1996 Integration of Chinese Communities: Mainland China & Taiwan 趙建民
1990-12 Interactions Between Taiwan and Mainland China After the Tienanmen Massacre 趙建民
2005-11 Interdependence amid Confrontation: China-Taiwan Relations in Flux 趙建民
2006-12 Interdependence within Confrontation in Taiwan Strait Relation: Implications for Inter-Korean Relation 趙建民
2014-07 Introduction: Crossing Borders in Greater China: A Multidimensional Perspective 王振寰
2001 Introduction: Remaking the Chinese State 趙建民; Chao, Chien-Min
2002-11 Introduction: the DPP in Power 趙建民
2002-11 Introduction: the DPP in Power 趙建民(Chien-Min Chao)
2007 Is China a Responsible Stakeholder? 童振源; Tung, Chen-yuan
2013-06 John A. Donaldson, Small Works: Poverty and Economic Development in Southwest China (Ithaca: Cornell University Press, 2011), 240p. $45.00 Hardback Habich, Sabrina
1998 Labour Regimes in Transition: Changing Faces of Labour Control in Taiwan: 1950s-1990s 王振寰; Wang, Jenn-hwan
2005 Lee Teng-Hui's Legacy: Introduction 趙建民; Bruce Dickson
2003 Legislature with Chinese Characteristics: Institution-building in A Post-totalitarian Authoritarian Developmental State Chien-min Chao; Chih-Chia Hsu
2009-10 Local State, Institutional Change, and Innovation: System: Beijing and Shanghai Compared 王振寰
2013-03 Local States, Institutional Changes and Innovation Systems: Beijing and Shanghai compared 王振寰; Wang, Jenn-hwan
2020-06 Love the Tree, Love the Branch: Beijing's Friendship with Lee Kuan Yew, 1954–1965 劉曉鵬; Liu, Philip Hsiaopong
2004 Made by Taiwan and Made in China: The Impact of Taiwanese Businesspeople's Outward Investment in the Information Technology Industry in China on Their Competitiveness and China's Economy Tung,Chen-yuan
2006 Made by Taiwan but made in mainland China: the case of the IT Industry Tung, Chen Yuan; 童振源
1990-03 Mainland China''s Policy towards Taiwan: Mid-life Crisis or Age of No-confusion 趙建民
1993-08 Mainland China's Political Reform Since 1987 趙建民
2014-07 Managing cross-border innovation networks: Taiwan’s IC design industry 王振寰
2008-06 Managing stability in the Taiwan Strait: non-military aspects of policy towards Taiwan 趙建民
1986-01 Manland China's Independent Foreign Policy: The Link with Domestic Affairs 趙建民

顯示項目176-200 / 2186. (共88頁)
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