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2005-12 Taiwan’s Cross-Strait Economic Policy and the Prospects of Cross-Strait Economic Relations 童振源; Tung, Chen-yuan
2007 Taiwan’s Entry to the UN and Cross-Strait Relations 童振源; Tung, Chen-yuan
2005-04 The Time Is Ripe for Taiwan's Strategic Opportunity 童振源
2016-01 Towards A Platform Builder: the State’s Role in Taiwan Biopharmaceutical Industry 王振寰; Wang, Jenn-Hwan
2004 Trade Relations Between Taiwan and China and Financial Relations Between Taiwan and China Chen-yuan Tung
2003-11 Transformation of the CCP and China's Democratization Chih-chung Chang
1990-11 Transition from Authoritarian Rule: Is Eastern Europe's Today Mainland China's Tomorrow 趙建民
2006 Transition in a Party-State System--Taiwan as a Model for China's Future Democratization Chao, Chien-min; Lee, Yeau-Tarn; 趙建民
2003-12 Transition In a Party-State System: Taiwan's Democratization As a Model For China 李酉潭; 趙建民
2017-10 Transnational Farmland Acquisition in the International Political Economy: Towards a Better Understanding of Theory, Approach, and Governance 林義鈞; Lin, Scott Y.
1999-09 Trilateral Economic Relations among Taiwan, China and the United States 童振源; Tung, Chen-yuan
2018-01 Turning Curses into Blessings: How the Catholic Lay Movement Survive in Contemporary China 姚祺; Yao, Qi
1989-08 The Two Foreign Policies: Competitive Outreach 趙建民
1989-08 The Two Foreign Policies: Competitive Outreach 趙建民
1987-10 U.S. Reactions Toward The Incident of 21 Demands 邵宗海
2019-07 Unexpected Scenarios and Unpredictable Outomce? A Discussion of Taiwan's 2020 Presidential Election 魏玫娟; Wei, Mei-chuan
2020-08 Urban Ecotopia? Young Farmers, Food Localism, and Cosmopolitanism in Postcolonial Hong Kong 何浩慈; Ho, Hao-Tzu
2017-07 Urban Self-employed Part-time Farmer: Changed Perceptions of Farmer and the Concept of Work 何浩慈; Ho, Hao-Tzu
2015-08 Using prediction markets of market scoring rule to forecast infectious diseases: a case study in Taiwan Tung, Chen-yuan; Chou, Tzu-Chuan; Lin, Jih-wen; 童振源; 周子全; 林繼文
2003-12 What Can the CCP Learn From the KMT 邵宗海; 彭立忠
2009-10 Why do industrial clusters have different innovation patterns? Hsinchu (Taiwan) and Beijing’s High tech parks compared 王振寰; Wang,Jennhwan
2003-04 Will Economic Integration between Mainland China and Taiwan Lesd to a Congenial Political Culture 趙建民; Chao,Chien-Min
2016-08 The Wisdom of Crowds in Action: Forecasting Epidemic Diseases with a Web-based Prediction Market System 童振源; Li, Eldon; Tung, Chen-yuan; Chang, Thomas
2004 World city formation geopolitics and local political process: Taipei’s ambiguous development 王振寰; Wang, Jenn-hwan
2007-06 Worldviews of China’s Fourth Generation Leadership and Their Implications for Sino-US Relations 趙建民

Showing items 326-350 of 2224. (89 Page(s) Totally)
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