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Title: QR與LR算則之位移策略
On the shift strategies for the QR and LR algorithms
Authors: 黃義哲
Contributors: 王太林
Keywords: 位移策略
QR algorithm, LR algorithm, modified Cholesky algorithm.
Date: 1992
Issue Date: 2016-05-02 17:07:19 (UTC+8)
Abstract: 用QR與LR迭代法求矩陣特徵值與特徵向量之過程中,前人曾提出位移策略以加速其收斂速度,其中最有效的是Wilkinson 移位值。在此我們希望尋求能使收斂更快速的位移值。
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Notation Convention:
(1) CHOLESKY: This subroutine is the implementation of the modified LLT
(2)imTQLl: This subroutine from the EISPACK computes the eigenvalues.
by the implicit QL algorithm.
(3) imTQL2: This subroutine from the EISPACK computes the eigenvalues
and eigenvectors at the same tims by the implicit QL method.
(4) imTQL2s4l: This routine first computes eigenvalues by CHOLESKY and
then uses these eigenvalues as shifts in imTQL2.
(5) imTQL2s42: This subroutine makes the use of imTQL1 to compute the
eigenvalues and then uses these computed values as shifts in imTQL2 . .
(6) TQL1: This subroutine from the EISPACK computes eigenvalues by the
QL method.
(7) TQL1s31, TQL1s32, TQL1s33 : These subroutines are the test of the use
of 83 , described in section 3.
(8) TQL2: This subroutine from the EISPACK computes eigenvalues and
eigenvectors simultaneously by the QL method.
(9) TQL2s41: This subroutine calculate eigenvalues by CHOLESKY at first
and then uses these eigenvalues as shifts in TQL2.
(1 0) TQL2s42: This subroutine uses eigenvalues computed by TQL1 as shifts
in TQL2.
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Data Type: thesis
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